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2015-11-03  Greg HurrellCatch Control-C and write state to disk master
2015-11-03  Greg HurrellAttempt fix at resource leak
2015-11-03  Greg HurrellRemove a now-extraneous comment
2015-11-01  Greg HurrellSave state file to disk
2015-11-01  Greg HurrellRemove some verbose output
2015-11-01  Greg HurrellTweak pinkie finger weights
2015-10-31  Greg HurrellAdd saved state notion to -r/--rounds
2015-10-31  Greg HurrellAdd -r/--rounds option
2015-10-31  Greg HurrellAdjust FINGERS_PLACEMENTS to reflect better habits
2015-10-31  Greg HurrellFeel free to move "a" key
2015-08-18  Greg HurrellAvoid JavaScript treachery
2015-08-17  Greg HurrellFix a couple of (cosmetic) typos
2015-08-17  Greg HurrellFix typo in README
2015-08-16  Greg HurrellBe slightly more reasonable about preferred io.js version
2015-08-15  Greg HurrellDeclare preference for io.js
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellFix typo in README
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.0.3 release 0.0.3
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.0.2 release 0.0.2
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellSeriousify package.json prior to release 0.0.1
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellUpdate docs prior to initial release
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellAdd example "extras/build-corpus.sh" script
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellGit: ignore yak directory in repo
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellBeef up command line argument handling
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellBail out if we get into a deadlock situation in evolve()
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellShow histograms
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellDon't sort some layout stats
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellPrint row usage in "layout-stats"
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellFix comment typos
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellFix whitespace
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellReally remember best-seen fitness and layout
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellTweak roll multiplier weights
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellShow "summary" stats for `layout-stats` subcommand
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellShow time elapsed and potential deadlock warning in...
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellStart to flesh out README
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellPass missing param to anneal function
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellIncrease default iteration count to 10k
2015-08-13  Greg HurrellLock down 'a', because of tmux
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd masking support and fix ridiculous bug in validator...
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd early draft of layout optimization
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellFurther flesh out command-line interface
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd initial version of "optimize" subcommand
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellDon't include thumbs in left/right handle summary
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellRemove useless "distance" metric
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellShow total effort
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd boosting for rolls
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd row jump multiplier
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellBrown paper bag fix for same finger distance calculation
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellAdd same-finger penalty logic
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellSilence spurious lint warnings
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellNormalize some distances
2015-08-12  Greg HurrellStart fleshing out effort model
2015-08-11  Greg HurrellAlso show stats for Colemak layout
2015-08-11  Greg HurrellShow distance for layout stats
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellReport thumb (ie. space) in layout stats
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellAdd initial version of layout stats command
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellSimplify bi/trigram accounting
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellDisable test, for now
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellDon't show <space> in top unigrams listing
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellFilter out non-printable ASCII
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellShow percentages and delimited numbers
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellPrint unigram, bigram, trigram stats
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellAdd more stats
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellPrint some corpus stats
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellEnable a few more experimental ES7 features
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellSet up corpus-stats subcommand
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellRead corpus file from $PWD/yak/corpus.txt
2015-08-10  Greg HurrellSet name and related fields in package.json
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellInitial commit