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2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore: update to a more recent Node version
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): move ARM-incompatible packages into...
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellfix: make Homebrew sort of work on M1 Mac
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellfix(homebrew): catch up with breaking changes
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellrefactor(homebrew): shuffle some packages between work...
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore: add host-specific Zsh config
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore: set up "work" profile in project.json again
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore: update "n" submodule
2021-06-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): give vlc a dedicated space
2021-06-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(interception): set up udev rules
2021-06-01  Greg Hurrellfix(interception): remove problematic option
2021-06-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): make asdf and asdf-wrapper into templates
2021-05-31  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add asdf-wrapper script for use in...
2021-05-31  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): centralize all xsecurelock config...
2021-05-31  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): note date for new work machine in...
2021-05-31  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): fix xsecurelock font
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(pacman): add necessary dependency of i3-save-tree
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): tweak i3 workspaces
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): fix busted font after a `pacman` operation
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): freshen kitty.conf
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrelldocs(pacman): note perils of enabling testing repositories
2021-05-30  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): install some more man pages
2021-05-29  Greg Hurrellfeat(pacman): add "audacious" package
2021-05-29  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): switch from PulseAudio to PipeWire
2021-05-27  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): get lua-language-server working on Arch
2021-05-27  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): set CompeDocumentation highlight group
2021-05-27  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): don't allow focus/blur to mess with lspsaga...
2021-05-27  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): also hide search matches in non-current...
2021-05-27  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): remove dead code
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): also apply lspsaga treatment to line diagnos...
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): ignore docs/tags in nvim-compe submodule
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): make LSP hover windows prettier with lspsaga...
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): switch to nvim-compe
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): add missing guards around nvim-specific plugin
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): provide missing highlighting for two LspDiagn...
2021-05-26  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): turn on g:completion_auto_change_source
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): activate transparency for pop-up menus and...
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): set up g:completion_chain_complete_list
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): allow completion-nvim to use fuzzy matching
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): switch to completion-nvim from deoplete
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): add another exception to mkview() function
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update plugins
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): silence `find` warning
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): move i3bar down to bottom
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(contrib): set up EFISTUB loader in lieu of...
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): reduce font size in Kitty
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(pacman): switch to some more lightweight tools
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellchore: clean out some more Liferay-specific stuff
2021-05-25  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): avoid long delay opening GTK programs
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): stop ledger paragraph movement from clobberin...
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): improve transaction jumping in ledger files
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): configure g:ledger_decimal_sep
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add vim-ledger plugin
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): ease off on i3bar transparency
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): make i3 look more minimalistic
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add "word" alias for printing a random...
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): add GnuPG to custom dictionary
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore: update git-cipher submodule
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): suppress nick mode in a better way
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): remove nick mode from theme
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add irssi config
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore: clean up stale entry in identity derivation...
2021-05-18  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): install hledger
2021-05-18  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): make opt/super + left/right do wordwise...
2021-05-16  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): correct small bug in `prepend_path(...
2021-05-16  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): make sure appended paths never spoil...
2021-05-16  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): update default branch name to "main"
2021-05-14  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2021-05-14  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): fix one more conditional
2021-05-14  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): update to fix some Lua conditional bugs
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellstyle: reformat with 2-space indent
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): change Loupe <Nop> mapping for consistency
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): add "outsized" to custom dictionary
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update Command-T submodule
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellchore: remove Liferay-specific config and tools
2021-04-25  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): add dnsutils
2021-04-24  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): add "IRC" to custom dictionary
2021-04-24  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): add irssi to list of packages to install
2021-04-19  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): add some more words to the custom dictionary
2021-04-19  Greg Hurrellchore(portool): add config for testing LPS-119068
2021-04-13  Greg Hurrellchore(cron): remove liferay-frontend-sync.sh
2021-04-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(cron): use explicit SSH key in liferay-fronten...
2021-04-12  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): suppress noise in `portool status` output
2021-04-05  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): add a handful of extra branches to...
2021-04-05  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): use /bin/zsh in shebang lines
2021-04-05  Greg Hurrellchore(ssh): add `ForwardAgent yes` when connecting...
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellchore(ssh): use user "glh" when ssh-ing to huertas...
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellstyle(sshd): run `yarn format`
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellfix(avahi,ssd): enable in addition to activating system...
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellstyle(avahi): run `yarn format`
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(avahi): set up zeroconf ("Bonjour") via Avahi
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(sshd): turn off PasswordAuthentication in sshd_config
2021-03-22  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/97'
2021-03-22  Greg Hurrelldocs: update Authors section in README.md
2021-03-20  Keng Kiat Limfix(vim): Update lsp highlights and `vim.lsp.callbacks`
2021-03-16  Greg Hurrellchore(portool): update tomcat version from 9.0.40 to...
2021-03-16  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): apply Liferay-specific overrides for...
2021-03-14  Greg Hurrellchore(node): run aspect on Arch linux too
2021-03-14  Greg Hurrellchore(arch): switch from Chromium to Chrome
2021-02-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: avoid recommending command that may lead to parti...