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2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellchore: update typescript from 3.8.3 to 3.9.2
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellstyle: format source
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(tampermonkey): mitigate concerns with GitHub...
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellfix(tampermonkey): add ".user" pre-extension
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellfix(tampermonkey): provide downloadURL as well
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(tampermonkey): add updateURLs to scripts
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update Command-T submodule
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(portool): add shortcut for running ci:bundle bundles
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellchore(tampermonkey): update script headers
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellchore(portool): update my fork with contents of brianch...
2020-05-11  Greg Hurrellrefactor: prepare to add "Tampermonkey" aspect
2020-05-10  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): run update-help-tags every time
2020-05-10  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): split update-help-tags off from update...
2020-05-10  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): allow Command-T to open items in Dirvish...
2020-05-09  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update Command-T submodule
2020-05-09  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix typo in comment in README
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): scope command-line mappings more...
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update Pinnacle submodule
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update Ferret submodule
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellfix(git-hub): guard against potential "current_branch...
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellfeat(git-hub): improve handling of detached head edge...
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellfix(git-hub): don't let `git hub get` explode if on...
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrelldocs(dotfiles): fix usage example in `portool linkify...
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): make K and Esc inside hover window close...
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellfix(git): make brown-paper-bag bug fix to menos script
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellrefactor(git): reduce coupling between menos and .gitconfig
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellfix(git): avoid annoying breakage of starting "/" in...
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): update stale list of dotfiles to install
2020-05-07  Greg Hurrellrefactor(zsh): drop "S" from LESS environment variable
2020-05-06  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): make LSP customizations local to buffer
2020-05-06  Greg Hurrellchore(node): actually install preferred TypeScript...
2020-05-06  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): simplify pinnacle invocation
2020-05-06  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): make LSP customizations more stable, obvious
2020-05-06  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): make LspDiagnosticsHintSign yellow
2020-05-05  Greg Hurrellrevert: "feat(vim): add Flow support"
2020-05-05  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add Flow support
2020-05-05  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): stop signcolumn from making things jump around
2020-05-05  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): don't blow up requiring Neovim things in Vim
2020-05-05  Greg Hurrellrefactor(vim): switch to built in Neovim LSP client
2020-05-04  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): correct a typo in a code comment
2020-05-04  Greg Hurrellchore(portool): tweak Gradle build settings again
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrellchore: sort .gitmodules
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): include info about Fig's size
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): fix mangled link
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): further flesh out with links and explanation
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): map Fig operations to Ansible modules
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): fix whitespace damage
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): state the obvious
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): show "backup" operation for contrast
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): DRY up backup operations with dsl/operat...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): add disclaimer that Ansible isn't all bad
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): describe structure and variable access a...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs: move some documentation out of a code comment...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix broken link
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(meta): make "meta" aspect work irrespective of...
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrelltest(fig): make tests pass regardless of local umask
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): make tests pass on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): correct case for case-sensitive filesystems
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): let chown run on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): teach "stat.ts" to work on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrelldocs: remove references to Ansible
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(defaults): move "macos" out of the root
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): delete rest of old Vim role
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): move rest of "dotfiles" role over...
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(misc): kill off "misc" role
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(cron): move "~/mbox" management into "cron...
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): create "ruby" aspect
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): avoid error on /usr/bin/vim startup
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore: remove chruby and ruby-install
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(node): install global packages
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(karabiner): avoid chicken-and-egg dependency on...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): add "node" role
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(karabiner): move helpers into ~/bin
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): move Karabiner helper scripts into ...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(karabiner): convert binary AppleScript to...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): move `dry` build and setup into "karabiner...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): move two encrypted files from old "dotfiles...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): port .hammerspoon/iterm.lua templating...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): migrate .gemrc from Ansible role to Fig...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore: drop references to http_proxy
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrelldocs: update CHANGELOG.md
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore: remove Mutt config
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): update dirvish submodule
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): port "ssh" role to Fig
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): make "backup" role actually do something
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(backup): update backup paths in "snapshot" script
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): move "backup" role files to "aspects...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add syntax highlighting for AppleScript
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): store "Open in Terminal Vim.js" as separ...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): port "fonts" role to Fig
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellstyle(fig): normalize whitespace
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): remove stale "no-op" claim
2020-04-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): turn automator into "real" aspect
2020-04-30  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): port automator "role"
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): port "shell" role to Fig
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): finish porting "iterm" role
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor(git): try to make .lesshst corruption less...
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellfix(git): correct order of command and parameter
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor(menos): note weird behaviors when invoked...
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellfix(menos): forward CTRL-C to less