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10 hours ago  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfile): add stats alias main master
10 hours ago  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): encrypt host-specific shell config
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellchore: update stylua to v0.15.1
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellchore: point at `stylua-action@v1`
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellchore: use latest version (v0.15.0) of stylua
9 days ago  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): avoid `W12` warning when using `:W` command
2022-09-10  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): add `safe-par` as wrapper around par
2022-09-06  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove unnecessary `{ remap = true }`
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update to Command-T v6.0.0-a.4
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellperf(nvim): update base16-nvim submodule
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellchore: update submodules
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update base16-nvim again (doc typo fix)
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update base16-nvim submodule
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update base16-nvim to bring in changes...
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore: update color schemes
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update base16-nvim submodule
2022-09-03  Greg Hurrellchore: replace bad links
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellfix: correct bad path in workflow
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellfix: add missing `runs-on` to workflow file
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor: change the way we do checks in CI environment
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellstyle: format Lua with StyLua
2022-09-02  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/135'
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrelldocs: update "Authors" section in README.md
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellstyle(nvim): prefer single quotes over doubles
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): try search options using terser expression
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): don't shadow `module` global
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): use more descriptive names
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): avoid variables with numeric suffixes
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): inline another variable
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): inline `modfile` and `initfile`
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove unused fallback
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove unused parameter from `include_p...
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): simplify separator handling
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): replace dynamic `fmt()` call with stati...
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove unused local variable
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): inline function that is only called...
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): don't take a param for something that...
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): make find_required_path() not a global...
2022-09-02  Hashem A. Damrahfeat(nvim): update(now, you can hit `gf` on a require...
2022-09-01  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update LuaSnip
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrellchore(nivm): update command-t submodule
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellperf(nvim): speed up `<leader>zz` mapping
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): prefer Ripgrep for Command-T
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore: point Command-T submodule at "main" instead...
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): don't show 'colorcolumn' in vim-dirvish
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update command-t and vim-dirvish submodules
2022-08-25  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): add `$GOPATH/bin` to `$PATH`
2022-08-24  Greg Hurrellchore(ssh): drop `LogLevel DEBUG` from shell host config.
2022-08-23  Greg Hurrellstyle: add missing whitespace in fig/README.md
2022-08-23  Greg Hurrellfeat: set up Go LSP
2022-08-23  Greg Hurrellchore: add new host alias for new project
2022-08-23  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): add a couple more handles
2022-08-20  Greg Hurrellchore: teach Prettier to ignore an encrypted JSON file
2022-08-20  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): turn off audible terminal bell in...
2022-08-20  Greg Hurrellchore: update git-cipher submodule
2022-08-18  Greg Hurrellfix: remove a comment that contained a typo
2022-08-18  Greg Hurrellchore: update git-cipher submodule to latest `next`
2022-08-17  Greg Hurrellchore: install terminfo files on codespaces
2022-08-09  Greg Hurrellrefactor: more tweaks for new version of git-cipher
2022-08-08  Greg Hurrellchore: update git-cipher submodule
2022-08-08  Greg Hurrellstyle(dotfiles): fix whitespace damage
2022-08-08  Greg Hurrellchore: update vendored yarn version from 1.22.5 to...
2022-08-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor: update to git-cipher v2.x (next) branch
2022-08-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): detect new ".mts", ".cts" TypeScript extensions
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add some macOS style fallbacks
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfix(interception): fix modifiers
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfeat: add some more dead keys
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellchore: update git-cipher submodule
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): fix search path, again
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor: update some comments
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfeat: also add dead key bindings for inverted punctuation
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellchore(tampermonkey): remove unnecessary script
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellfeat(tampermonkey): add script to unbreak YouTube
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): get rid of useless `'fileencoding'`...
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): make alt+click open links in Kitty consi...
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): turn kitty.conf into a templated...
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: add link to Kitty to README
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellstyle: fix Prettier failure by updating ignore pattern
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellfeat: also set up Linux dead keys for Euro and em dash
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellrefactor(interception): move mac2linux files one level...
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: update READMEs with info on recent keyboard changes
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): add .Xmodmap
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellfeat: set up some macOS-like dead-key mappings on Linux
2022-07-31  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): add evtest
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach `git ff` to autostash
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): freshen kitty.conf again
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): use better variable names
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): update kitty F6 mapping
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule again
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach `tick` to run `tw` if needed
2022-07-28  Greg Hurrellfeat: guard against numeric hostname
2022-07-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: update install instructions
2022-07-27  Greg Hurrellrefactor: rename work host
2022-07-27  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-07-26  Greg Hurrellchore(vim): clean out most Vim config files