19 hours ago  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format` main master
19 hours ago  Greg Hurrellstyle: use consistent cast style
20 hours ago  Greg Hurrellchore: update `typescript` and `@types/node`
6 days ago  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): make "imp" snippet smarter
6 days ago  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): make LuaSnip live update dependent nodes
7 days ago  Greg Hurrellfix(codespaces): adapt to new hostname format
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): use LuaSnip `fmt` helper
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): revert undesired bits of snippet config
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): [demo] use choice nodes in "imp" snippet
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): use more explicit names for imported...
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update LuaSnip submodule
8 days ago  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): correct type in nvim-cmp configuration
2022-05-05  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add `gg tags` (ripper-tags wrapper)
2022-05-05  Greg Hurrellchore: install ripper-tags
2022-04-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): switch to new keymap API provided by...
2022-04-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): cut over to base16-nvim submodule
2022-04-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove commented-out LSP config
2022-04-28  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): remove unused plugins
2022-04-27  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach `gg cs create` to default
2022-04-27  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): set exports in zshenv rather than...
2022-04-27  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): set GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES
2022-04-25  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): fix broken setting
2022-04-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): remove use of private API
2022-04-25  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update nvim-cmp submodule
2022-04-25  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update to v0.7.0
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellfeat: add "node" aspect to codespaces
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor: don't run "node" aspect twice on Linux... 🤦
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): add support for SUDO_ASKPASS
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellfix(shell): make shell assignment work under new codesp...
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor(ssh): adjust ssh config to account for codespa...
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): teach `gg tail` about new logfile location
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor(codespaces): adapt to running as "vscode"...
2022-04-20  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): stop Vim from interpreting code as a modeline
2022-04-19  Greg Hurrellchore: update packages
2022-04-19  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Ferret submodule
2022-04-19  Greg Hurrellchore: update to NodeJS v18.0.0
2022-03-29  Greg Hurrellrefactor: add `arch`/`darwin`/`debian` helpers
2022-03-29  Greg Hurrellchore(brew): (re)move some packages
2022-03-28  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): install Nvim from appimage on Codespaces
2022-03-25  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): clean up spell file
2022-03-25  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): add "microservices" to custom dictionary
2022-03-15  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): work around shell initialization race...
2022-03-14  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): tweak tcomment mappings
2022-03-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): make `serve` alias work with Python 3
2022-03-09  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): add "stylua"
2022-03-09  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): add "gitcommit" filetype to indent-blankli...
2022-03-09  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update indent-blankline.nvim submodule
2022-03-07  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): add "markdown.corpus" filetype to indent_b...
2022-03-06  Greg Hurrellperf(nvim): avoid delays caused by use of <Nop> on...
2022-03-06  Greg Hurrellperf(nvim): mostly fix laggy screen updates when indent...
2022-03-04  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): make indent-blankline.nvim play nicely with...
2022-03-04  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): add indent-blankline.nvim plugin
2022-03-02  Greg Hurrellstyle: run Prettier
2022-03-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(systemd): set up Pulseaudio null sink automaticall...
2022-03-01  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): remove stray `echo` from `gg`
2022-02-28  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): improve organization of "gg" files
2022-02-28  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): reorder functions
2022-02-28  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach `gg` to sniff test paths more...
2022-02-25  Greg Hurrellchore(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-02-25  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): update Command-T submodule
2022-02-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add `html5tidy` command to pry
2022-02-24  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): add "github" hashed directory
2022-02-24  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): stop leaking HOSTNAME variable
2022-02-24  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach "the-hub" Raycast script to take...
2022-02-22  Greg Hurrellfeat(pacman): install `mtr`
2022-02-21  Greg Hurrellfix(karabiner): enable overwriting of symlink
2022-02-21  Greg Hurrellchore: tell Prettier to ignore screenkey.json
2022-02-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): tweak i3-gaps to fit screenkey
2022-02-20  Greg Hurrellfix(systemd): enable overwriting of symlink
2022-02-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): add screenkey config
2022-02-20  Greg Hurrellchore: rename user account from "glh" to "wincent"
2022-02-19  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): install Raycast on personal machine too
2022-02-19  Greg Hurrelldocs: update Big Sur references → Monterey
2022-02-18  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): switch to more secure mode for...
2022-02-16  Greg Hurrellfeat(apt): install iotop
2022-02-09  Greg Hurrellfix(nvim): teach `:OpenOnGitHub` to open URLs with...
2022-02-09  Greg Hurrellfeat(nvim): try to use current branch in `:OpenOnGitHub`
2022-02-09  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): override Git's merge.conflictStyle...
2022-02-03  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): update zsh autocompletion for "gg...
2022-02-03  Greg Hurrellrefactor(dotfiles): rename `gg serviceowners` to `gg...
2022-02-02  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): cope with older Git on Codespaces
2022-01-31  Greg Hurrellfix(dotfiles): make "emp something something" not blow up
2022-01-29  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): update Ferret submodule to work around rg...
2022-01-25  Greg Hurrellchore(dotfiles): set Git merge.conflictStyle to zdiff3
2022-01-24  Greg Hurrellfix(node): update installation check
2022-01-22  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): add 1password-cli
2022-01-19  Greg Hurrellrefactor(nvim): update deprecated function call
2022-01-17  Greg Hurrellfeat(dotfiles): teach Hammerspoon about Edge
2022-01-17  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): install microsoft-edge cask
2022-01-17  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): add "utm" cask
2022-01-15  Greg Hurrellchore: stop Prettier from looking at CMake build artifacts
2022-01-15  Greg Hurrellchore(aur): set Microsoft Edge as default browser
2022-01-15  Greg Hurrellchore(node): install latest, on Arch Linux too
2022-01-15  Greg Hurrellchore(pacman): install graphviz
2022-01-15  Greg Hurrellchore(aur): add Edge browser
2022-01-14  Greg Hurrellchore(apt): add `bfs` to the installation list
2022-01-14  Greg Hurrellchore(codespaces): install `sk` (skim)
2022-01-14  Greg Hurrellchore(homebrew): add "graphviz"