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feat(interception): set up udev rules
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2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellstyle: reformat with 2-space indent
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): rename src/ to fig/
2020-04-19  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): demo dotfile templating
2020-04-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): use Node v13 so that we can ES modules...
2020-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add WIP of .editorconfig support
2020-03-28  Greg Hurrellfeat: implement variable propagation
2020-03-28  Greg Hurrellrefactor: tighten up aspect typing
2020-03-27  Greg Hurrellfeat: accept any JSONValue as a variable
2020-03-27  Greg Hurrellfeat: make variable types more flexible
2020-03-27  Greg Hurrellfeat: read aspect configuration from disk
2020-03-26  Greg Hurrellfix: get type checking working again with new structure
2020-03-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor: extract genObjectValue() to reduce repetition
2020-03-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor: start expanding Project schema
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfeat: show exhaustive case-checking works
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfeat: finish implementation of $ref handling
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor: prepare to generate enum types
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor: restructure typegen
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfeat: integrate typegen.js in full build
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor: cleanup typegen.js with "assert"
2020-03-24  Greg Hurrellfeat: continue developing typegen.js
2020-03-23  Greg Hurrellrefactor: use builder
2020-03-23  Greg Hurrellfeat: add Builder stub
2020-03-23  Greg Hurrellfeat: add more to support/typegen.js
2020-03-22  Greg Hurrellfix: platform choices should be explicitly enumerated...
2020-03-22  Greg Hurrellfeat: start preparing to autogen type definitions from...