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feat(interception): set up udev rules
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2021-05-14  Greg Hurrellstyle: run `yarn format`
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellstyle: reformat with 2-space indent
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(avahi): set up zeroconf ("Bonjour") via Avahi
2021-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(sshd): turn off PasswordAuthentication in sshd_config
2020-12-11  Greg Hurrellfeat: make Return serve as Control when chorded, return...
2020-12-08  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): allow use of "aspect.ts" instead of "aspect...
2020-12-07  Greg Hurrellfeat(aur): add role for installing from Arch User Repos...
2020-12-06  Greg Hurrellfeat(systemd): add new aspect for configuring things...
2020-09-26  Greg Hurrellfeat(locale): set up /etc/locale.conf on Linux
2020-09-20  Greg Hurrellfeat(pacman): add new aspect for installing packages...
2020-06-15  Greg Hurrellfix(cron): correctly manage multiple jobs
2020-05-21  Greg Hurrellfeat(automount): fix incredibly annoying macOS beachball
2020-05-15  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): make sure LSP client can find root
2020-05-15  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): extract getAspectFromCaller to DRY up DSL
2020-05-15  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): add handler functionality
2020-05-14  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): downgrade encrypted file check
2020-05-14  Greg Hurrellstyle: fix formatting
2020-05-14  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): export some non-DSL things from main...
2020-05-14  Greg Hurrelldocs: apply proofreading fixes
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellstyle: format source
2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(tampermonkey): mitigate concerns with GitHub...
2020-05-11  Greg Hurrellrefactor: prepare to add "Tampermonkey" aspect
2020-05-04  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): correct a typo in a code comment
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): include info about Fig's size
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): fix mangled link
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): further flesh out with links and explanation
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): map Fig operations to Ansible modules
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): fix whitespace damage
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): state the obvious
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): show "backup" operation for contrast
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): DRY up backup operations with dsl/operat...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): add disclaimer that Ansible isn't all bad
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs(fig): describe structure and variable access a...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs: move some documentation out of a code comment...
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix broken link
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrelltest(fig): make tests pass regardless of local umask
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): make tests pass on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): correct case for case-sensitive filesystems
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): let chown run on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): teach "stat.ts" to work on Linux
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrelldocs: remove references to Ansible
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): create "ruby" aspect
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): add "node" role
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): move two encrypted files from old "dotfiles...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): port .hammerspoon/iterm.lua templating...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): port "ssh" role to Fig
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): move "backup" role files to "aspects...
2020-05-01  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): port "fonts" role to Fig
2020-04-30  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): port automator "role"
2020-04-29  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): port "shell" role to Fig
2020-04-28  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): scope --start search to focused aspects
2020-04-27  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): start porting "iterm" role
2020-04-27  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): accept --start as a synonym for --start...
2020-04-26  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): port rest of defaults role to Fig
2020-04-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): port most of "defaults" role
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): add initial version of "defaults" management
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellstyle(fig): run `yarn format`
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): trim empty crontab files
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): remove extraneous comment
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): "finish" cron job management, for now
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): make validation error messages more specific
2020-04-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): prepare to migrate "cron" role
2020-04-24  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): finish porting roles/homebrew -> aspects...
2020-04-23  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): update Homebrew installer URL
2020-04-23  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): further simplify exports
2020-04-23  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): remove unused interface
2020-04-23  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): start porting homebrew role
2020-04-22  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): manage karabiner-sudoers with Fig
2020-04-22  Greg Hurrellfix(fig): make command DSL fail properly again
2020-04-22  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): make "karabiner" aspect
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): hoist everything else out of "Fig"
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): move DSL modules into dsl/ folder
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): hoist Context.ts out of subdirectory
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): make it possible to import from 'fig...
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): rename fig/Fig.ts to fig/index.ts
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): rename src/ to fig/