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chore: update to a more recent Node version
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2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellchore: update to a more recent Node version
2020-06-15  Greg Hurrellfeat: avoid querying for latest Node version
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellchore(fig): get rid of --no-warnings
2020-04-08  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): suppress ExperimentalWarning
2020-03-31  Greg Hurrellfeat: add log levels
2020-03-29  Greg Hurrellfeat: get terminfo aspect fully working
2020-03-21  Greg Hurrellfeat: use color in Bash scripts
2020-03-20  Greg Hurrellfeat: add color to test harness
2020-03-19  Greg Hurrellrefactor: leverage PATH in scripts
2020-03-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor: extract common functions