chore(nvim): update Corpus plug-in
[wincent.git] / variables.ts
2022-05-12  Greg Hurrellfix(codespaces): adapt to new hostname format
2022-02-20  Greg Hurrellchore: rename user account from "glh" to "wincent"
2021-06-14  Greg Hurrellfix: fix broken variable reference
2021-06-14  Greg Hurrellfeat: add some more hacks to support Codespaces
2021-06-07  Greg Hurrellfeat(ssh): provide host-specific SSH settings
2021-06-04  Greg Hurrellfix: update identity check to cover new machine
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellchore: clean up stale entry in identity derivation...
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrellstyle: reformat with 2-space indent
2020-05-03  Greg Hurrelldocs: move some documentation out of a code comment...
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): hoist Context.ts out of subdirectory
2020-04-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): set up path alias for "fig" -> "src"
2020-04-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): port .zshenv, code/.editorconfig over...
2020-04-19  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): support dynamic variables