chore(nvim): update Corpus plug-in
[wincent.git] / .tmux
2020-02-10  Greg Hurrellfix(tmux): delay send-keys call
2018-11-25  Greg Hurrell.tmux: use CommandTBoot instead of sleep kludge
2018-10-08  Greg HurrellInsist on exact match for tmux session check
2018-06-07  Greg HurrellWork around focus issues when starting a new tmux sessi...
2017-09-07  Greg Hurrell.tmux: Delay invocation of Vim to fix drawing glitches
2017-06-08  Greg Hurrelltmux: fix sizing issues
2015-10-09  Greg Hurrell.tmux: quieten output
2015-10-09  Greg HurrellAdd top-level .tmux file