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2020-04-05  Greg Hurrelldocs: add link to colorscheme screenshots
2020-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add WIP of .editorconfig support
2020-03-26  Greg Hurrelldocs: edit copy
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellstyle: add whitespace to readme to improve badge placement
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfeat: add ci status badge to readme
2020-03-21  Greg Hurrelldocs: add design info to README.md
2020-03-17  Greg Hurrelldocs: update stale reference to `fzf`
2020-02-21  Greg Hurrellstyle: format JS, JSON, Markdown with Prettier
2019-09-27  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/80'
2019-09-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: update "Authors" section in README
2019-05-22  Greg Hurrelldoc: add missing period in README.md
2019-03-11  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update instructions for overriding `~/.gitconfig`
2018-12-18  Greg HurrellUpdate screenshot description in README
2018-12-11  Greg HurrellUpdate Sierra -> High Sierra in README
2018-11-27  Greg Hurrellzsh: make fda() the default, replacing fd()
2018-11-27  Greg Hurrelldoc: describe main Zsh functions
2018-11-27  Greg Hurrelldoc: update email search cheatsheet
2018-11-26  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix bit-rot in link to Brewfile
2018-11-26  Greg Hurrelldoc: add prompt screenshots to README
2018-10-21  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/67'
2018-10-21  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update "Authors" section in README
2018-10-05  Greg HurrellMake --verbose work as expected
2018-10-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add some troubleshooting Pro-Tips(tm)
2018-10-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: Remove prompt text from README
2018-07-03  Greg Hurrelldoc: add some Mutt filtering examples
2018-06-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add more search examples to notmuch cheatsheet
2018-03-22  Greg Hurrelldoc: update CHANGELOG
2018-03-21  Greg Hurrellkarabiner: get usable "fn" and "power" keys on external...
2018-02-15  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/61'
2018-02-15  Greg HurrellUpdate "Authors" section of README
2017-12-28  Greg Hurrellkarabiner: Add back SpaceFN, again
2017-12-28  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add a link to the recent screencast about this...
2017-12-28  Greg Hurrellkarabiner: make caps lock and return repeat when held...
2017-12-12  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note possible need for proxy on initial `install`
2017-12-07  Greg HurrelliTerm: use dynamic profiles to change font size on...
2017-11-14  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note alternate method for setting up temporary...
2017-11-09  Greg Hurrellmutt: reduce number of keychain items
2017-11-09  Greg Hurrellvim: banish YouCompleteMe and conditionalize deoplete...
2017-11-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: remove references to bindings that I killed off
2017-08-02  Greg Hurrelldoc: Reflect recent changes in Karabiner-Elements
2017-06-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update README to reflect restored caps lock capability
2017-06-16  Greg HurrellSwitch to Karabiner Elements
2017-06-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: Mention Neovim in README
2017-06-09  Greg Hurrelltmux: remove most instances of reattach-to-user-namespa...
2017-06-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note the difference between <Tab> and <C-t> in...
2017-05-04  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/46'
2017-05-04  Greg HurrellRemove references to "ligatures"
2017-05-04  Greg HurrellLink to dependent projects uniformly
2017-05-04  Greg HurrellNote dependency on Powerline-compatible glyphs, not...
2017-05-04  Zac CollierUpdate Readme: Dependencies and Troubleshooting
2017-03-02  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/32'
2017-03-02  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add Victor Igor to authors list
2017-03-02  Greg Hurrelldoc: add backticks around `.gitconfig`
2017-03-02  Victor Igoradding warning with .gitconfig :memo: :warning:
2016-12-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: Remove reference to YubiKey from README
2016-12-15  Greg Hurrelldoc: Bracketize email address in README
2016-12-15  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix broken link in README
2016-12-15  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/27'
2016-12-15  Greg Hurrelldoc: add an "Authors" section
2016-12-15  Greg Hurrelldoc: clean up README a little
2016-12-15  Zac CollierAdd PyCrypto troubleshoot to README
2016-12-14  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update broken Vim plug-ins link in the README
2016-12-13  Greg Hurrellmutt: remove references to offlineimap
2016-12-12  Greg HurrellFix tiny typo in README
2016-12-11  Greg Hurrellmutt: switch from "contacts" to lbdb
2016-12-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: Document how to get mailto: handled by Mutt in...
2016-12-08  Greg Hurrellmutt: switch to Passage for keychain interactions
2016-12-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: w3m -> elinks in README
2016-12-07  Greg Hurrellmutt: acknowledge presence of mutt in the readme
2016-11-29  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update color scheme name and link in README
2016-11-17  Greg Hurrellkeyboard: Remove role because Karabiner doesn't work...
2016-11-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: bump version deps
2016-11-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note one other thing that Karabiner is doing
2016-05-11  Greg HurrellDefault to base16 "Tomorrow (Dark)" color scheme
2016-04-11  Greg Hurrelldoc: update README
2016-03-25  Greg Hurrelldoc: note recent additions to keyboard role
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellNote dependency on tmux 2.2
2016-02-22  Greg HurrellREADME: use GitHub URL
2016-02-22  Greg HurrellBeef up README
2016-02-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: don't hard-wrap markdown
2016-02-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: update dependency info
2015-06-11  Greg Hurrelldoc: Document existence of `install --help` option
2015-04-04  Greg HurrellMention possible need to set up proxy to do initial...
2015-04-03  Greg HurrellMention Ansible in the README
2015-04-02  Greg HurrellRemove a piece of vestigial cruft from the README
2015-04-02  Greg HurrellUpdate README with suggested fallback strategy
2015-04-01  Greg HurrellUse Ansible for set-up
2015-03-30  Greg HurrellREADME: remove last straggling reference to solarized
2015-03-25  Greg HurrellRemove old bootstrap files in favor of Makefile
2015-03-25  Greg HurrellUpdate README
2014-12-25  Greg HurrellVim: check for feature before adding "j" to 'formatoptions'
2014-03-16  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate tmux version requirement
2013-04-15  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate list of dependencies in README.md
2013-03-01  Wincent ColaiutaAdd README.md, for the benefit of GitHub