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chore: update typescript from 3.8.3 to 3.9.2
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2020-05-12  Greg Hurrellchore: update typescript from 3.8.3 to 3.9.2
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrelldocs: remove references to Ansible
2020-04-19  Greg Hurrellfeat(fig): support dynamic variables
2020-04-19  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): use Path string-like type
2020-04-17  Greg Hurrellfix: use a valid SPDX license identifier in package...
2020-04-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor(fig): use Node v13 so that we can ES modules...
2020-04-03  Greg Hurrellfeat(vim): add WIP of .editorconfig support
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfix: correct horrific bug in "ci" script
2020-03-25  Greg Hurrellfeat: set up CI
2020-03-22  Greg Hurrellstyle: format all JSON
2020-03-19  Greg Hurrellrefactor: use non-private repository URL in package...
2020-03-19  Greg Hurrellstyle: format TS files
2020-03-20  Greg Hurrellrefactor: run TypeScript using n + node + yarn instead...
2020-02-21  Greg Hurrellstyle: format JS, JSON, Markdown with Prettier