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chore: update vendored yarn
authorGreg Hurrell <greg@hurrell.net>
Tue, 22 Dec 2020 16:40:12 +0000 (17:40 +0100)
committerGreg Hurrell <greg@hurrell.net>
Tue, 22 Dec 2020 16:42:35 +0000 (17:42 +0100)
chore: update vendored yarn

Done using:

    wget https://yarnpkg.com/latest.tar.gz
    gunzip latest.tar.gz
    tar xf latest.tar
    rm latest.tar
    git rm -r yarn-v1.22.4
    mv yarn-v1.22.5 yarn
    git add yarn
    git staged # eyeball changes...

Note that I renamed the install directory from "yarn-$VERSION" to plain
old "yarn" to keep things looking clean. In the end seeing the version
at a glance by looking in the filesystem isn't super useful; when it's
time to update, Yarn will nag anyway.
vendor/yarn/LICENSE [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/LICENSE with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/README.md [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/README.md with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/bin/yarn [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/bin/yarn with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/bin/yarn.cmd [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/bin/yarn.cmd with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/bin/yarn.js [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/bin/yarn.js with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/bin/yarnpkg [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/bin/yarnpkg with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/bin/yarnpkg.cmd [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/bin/yarnpkg.cmd with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/lib/cli.js [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/lib/cli.js with 99% similarity]
vendor/yarn/lib/v8-compile-cache.js [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/lib/v8-compile-cache.js with 100% similarity]
vendor/yarn/package.json [moved from vendor/yarn-v1.22.4/package.json with 95% similarity]