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2015-12-14  Greg HurrellLink to tree instead of commit master
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellRemove very stale notes files
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellMention link shortener in README
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellEdit README in preparation for open source push
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellReplace stock Rails README with doc/DESIGN_NOTES content
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellRemove README stub
2015-12-14  Greg HurrellRemove dead code
2015-10-08  Greg HurrellRemove memcached management
2015-09-25  Greg Hurrell"Fix" broken wikitext product page docs 0.173
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellFix some broken links 0.172
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellAnother 0.171
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellQuickfix 0.170
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove useless CSRF headers 0.169
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove products code
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellAdd static mirror of product pages
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellFix broke stuff
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellGet rid of dynamic bits of product pages
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellMore dead code
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellMake sure we can handle the absence of the Issue model 0.168
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove more dead code
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellDelete a bunch of issue and related code
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellAdd static mirror of issues pages
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove more dead code 0.167
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellUpdate bundle
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove straggling reference to Git module 0.166
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellReplace TweetsController with router logic
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellMore dead code removal and streamlining
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRip out new user creation, resets, confirmations
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellRemove dynamic elements from layout unconditionally
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellMake issues pages more suitable for static mirroring
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellFix an innocuous typo
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellGet rid of all traces of React scratch directory
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellMostly make issues (and partly comments) reat-only
2015-09-25  Greg Hurrellfixup! Kill off monitorships
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellKill off attachments
2015-09-25  Greg HurrellKill off monitorships
2015-09-24  Greg HurrellRemove Word model
2015-09-24  Greg HurrellRemove repo browser
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellImport new static dump of forum code 0.165
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellRevert "Revert removal of forum code" and friends
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellHack around link_to_user breakage on forum pages 0.164
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellProvide titles for static forum content
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellRevert removal of forum code
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellFix up comment permalinks on static pages
2015-09-23  Greg Hurrell404 for comment links related to deleted classes 0.163
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellFix a syntax error 0.162
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellObliterate all traces of dynamic forums
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellAdd static mirror of forums/
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellRemove more code that should have been removed 0.161
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellUpdate bundle 0.160
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellRemove a couple more irrelevant/dead references to...
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellRemove forums link from navbar
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellFix some failing specs
2015-09-23  Greg HurrellPrepare to make forum pages stati
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellRemove pagination from forum topics listing
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellMostly make forums read only
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellObliterate all traces of full-text search
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellRedirect /search to Google
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellFix navbar selection highlighting for IssuesController
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellPurge support copy from links
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellDo a 301 redirect for /support requests
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellRemove links to support overview
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellRemove SupportController and related code
2015-09-22  Greg HurrellMake /support point at issues#index
2015-07-21  Greg HurrellUpdate static pages 0.159
2015-07-21  Greg HurrellSans-serif-ize websafe fonts
2015-07-21  Greg HurrellSwitch to "websafe" fonts to reduce TTI
2015-06-18  Greg HurrellUse line-clamping on issues#index
2015-06-17  Greg HurrellUpgrade to Rails 4.2.2 0.158
2015-05-20  Greg HurrellCorrect color codes 0.157
2015-05-20  Greg HurrellMake <code> styling more obvious 0.156
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellTrim some fat from wiki index
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellImprove appearance of issue pages
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellCure issue search form of ugliness and amnesia 0.155
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellRemove unused #error and #notice selectors
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellFix unwanted array literals in flashes, multiple flashes
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellGet rid of unwanted list styling on taggable results
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellRevamp pagination
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellUpdate Browserify bundle 0.154
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellLikely fix for Spring-woes
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellAdd a TODO missed in previous sweep
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellRemove a few references to win@wincent.com
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellAdd a Clipper link to the product nav
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellAdd a clarifying comment to ArticleObserver
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellKill off some unused CSS
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellUpdate vendor/cache, which had fallen out of sync
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellCommit TODOs
2015-05-05  Greg HurrellImprove TagMapping docs
2015-05-04  Greg HurrellImplement TagMapping.canonicalize!
2015-05-04  Greg HurrellImplement "soft" tag redirects in TagsController
2015-05-04  Greg HurrellAdd initial version of TagMapping
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellMake nav bar less bold 0.153
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellLighten up product menu styling
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellMore color thievery, to make links in flashes look... 0.152
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellBetter strategy for making links in flashes noticeable 0.151
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellSteal better flash colors 0.150
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellRegulate sortable table column headers better 0.149
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellMake tables more bootstrap-y
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellMake buttons more lightweight
2015-05-03  Greg HurrellRemove never-used bootstrap