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2013-02-27  Wincent ColaiutaVarious fixes for Ruby 2.0.0 compatibility
2013-02-27  Wincent ColaiutaRemove unnecessary shebang lines from spec suite
2013-02-26  Wincent ColaiutaSilence some Clang warnings
2013-02-16  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2013-02-16  Wincent ColaiutaPrepare for 3.1 release 3.1
2013-02-16  Wincent ColaiutaMake it easier to set a link_proc
2013-02-16  Wincent ColaiutaSilence a Clang warning about use of an uninitialized...
2012-11-29  Wincent ColaiutaEnsure ampersands in URIs are adequately entified
2012-11-29  Wincent ColaiutaMove some functions around to avoid the forward declara...
2012-11-29  Wincent ColaiutaSimplify Wikitext_parser_sanitize_link_target
2012-11-29  Wincent ColaiutaTeach wiki_append_sanitized_link_target to take a str_t
2012-11-29  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate to RSpec 2.12.0
2012-03-04  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate some copyright year ranges
2012-03-04  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2012-03-04  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 3.0.1 release 3.0.1
2012-03-04  Wincent ColaiutaAllow email addresses inside external link text
2011-11-11  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2011-11-11  Wincent ColaiutaPrepare for 3.0 release 3.0
2011-11-10  Wincent ColaiutaFix for lines beginning with slashes in PRE blocks
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate docs for 3.0b release 3.0b
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: execute yardoc in bundle context
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 3.0b release
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaModernize version spec
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaWhitespace cleanup
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRename spec/trash -> spec/.trash
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: run spec task in bundle context
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaBundle update RSpec (2.2.0 -> 2.6.0)
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaDrop support for Rails 3.0.x
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaAvoid another Rails 3.1 deprecation warning
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaAvoid a Rails 3.1 deprecation warning
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRemove special case code for Rails 2
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRemove rails/init.rb
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaManage Arel version as well when setting up Rails test...
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaMore attempts at getting Bundlerized test Rails app...
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Bundle to get autotest working
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaAdd ZenTest as a development dependency so we can run...
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Bundle with new Bundler (1.0.13)
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaRemove has_rdoc from gemspec, as RubyGems 1.8 is compla...
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaFuture-proof version-number detection
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaRemove some dead code
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaBundlerize test Rails apps
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaSet Rails app version aggressively
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaBe more verbose about raised exception if Rails spec...
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaUse Wopen3.system method for convenience
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaDon't test against Rails 2 versions
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate version numbers for Rails specs
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaSilence warnings about already defined constant
2010-12-03  Wincent ColaiutaFix typo in code comment
2010-12-01  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate to RSpec 2.2 for faster spec runs
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 2.1.1 release 2.1.1
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaClear RUBYOPT in spec environment to keep Bundler out
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaFix another token-dropping bug
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaAdd another example for token-swallowing bug
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaDon't drop unexpected token on the floor after failed...
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaRemove BASEDIR constant from spec_helper
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaRemove explicit rubygems require from spec_helper
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaDon't use absolute path when requiring spec_helper.rb
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaUse Bundler to manage development environment
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 2.1 release 2.1
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaAdd docs and specs for external_link_rel attribute
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaAdd ability to override external_link_rel at parse...
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaAdd ability to override external_link_rel via an accessor
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaSwitch to RSpec 2.0
2010-10-17  Mike StangelAdd ability to add rel="nofollow" to external links
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaRemove references to old (GPL) license
2010-07-26  Wincent ColaiutaMake Yardoc upload site configurable
2010-07-11  Wincent Colaiutadocs: add list examples
2010-06-23  Wincent ColaiutaFormat all "pre" blocks for YARD
2010-06-23  Wincent ColaiutaBump YARD requirement to 0.5.8
2010-06-22  Wincent ColaiutaRequire at least 0.5.7 of YARD
2010-06-22  Wincent ColaiutaHandle missing "add_development_dependency" by defining it
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: add custom title to generated documentation
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutagit: ignore .yardoc directory
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaDRY up gemspec
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaUse YARD for doc generation instead of RDoc
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaRemove RDoc hack notes; we're switching to YARD
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: wrap SAMPLE.txt
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: reference CHEATSHEET.txt from SAMPLE.txt
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: point out how to inspect translated sample markup
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 2.0 release 2.0
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: force the creation of a couple of hyperlinks
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: add missing option to parse documentation
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: updates for "output_style" and HTML5 changes
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaBackend support for HTML5/XML output styles
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaAdd options for "output_style" (no backend yet)
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaRun specs under Rails 3.0.0.beta4
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaMake "Edge Rails" specs work again
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaStart refactoring Rails specs
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaSimplify Rails 2 auto-initialization
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaAuto-initialize under Rails 3
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaSplit String#wikitext_preprocess into a separate file
2010-06-12  Wincent Colaiutarails/init.rb: trust LOAD_PATH
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaRename rails.rb to rails_template_handler.rb
2010-06-12  Wincent ColaiutaFit "compile" method onto 1 line
2010-06-11  Wincent Colaiutadoc: initial updates for forthcoming 2.0 release
2010-06-11  Wincent ColaiutaEmit <code> rather than <tt> elements
2010-06-10  Wincent ColaiutaRun Rails specs against many more versions of Rails 2