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Update to Ruby 2.3.0 for development purposes
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2016-01-01  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate to Ruby 2.3.0 for development purposes
2015-12-14  Wincent ColaiutaDrop reference to Gemcutter
2015-12-14  Wincent ColaiutaRemove YARD upload
2015-12-14  Wincent ColaiutaUse --one-file mode in YARD to sidestep link issues
2015-07-17  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate author info and copyright notices
2013-12-25  Wincent ColaiutaMake user for upload_yard task configurable
2013-02-27  Wincent ColaiutaAttempted fix for build issues on Linux with RubyGems...
2013-02-27  Wincent ColaiutaSilence deprecation warnings in Rakefile 4.0
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: execute yardoc in bundle context
2011-05-28  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: run spec task in bundle context
2011-05-15  Wincent ColaiutaSilence warnings about already defined constant
2010-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaSwitch to RSpec 2.0
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaRemove references to old (GPL) license
2010-07-26  Wincent ColaiutaMake Yardoc upload site configurable
2010-06-13  Wincent Colaiutadoc: add custom title to generated documentation
2010-06-13  Wincent ColaiutaUse YARD for doc generation instead of RDoc
2010-04-25  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: Add missing ".gem" extension to "gem push...
2010-04-25  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: simplify spec task by shelling out
2010-04-19  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: run "make" target before "gem build"
2010-04-19  Wincent ColaiutaExtract gemspec out into separate file
2010-03-21  Wincent ColaiutaDeclare development dependencies in gemspec
2010-03-21  Wincent ColaiutaFix builds on 64-bit Darwin platforms
2009-09-19  Wincent ColaiutaInclude "wikitext" executable in Gem distribution
2009-02-03  Wincent ColaiutaFix subtle Rakefile breakage
2009-02-01  Wincent ColaiutaAdd release notes to RDoc documentation 1.4.0
2008-09-11  Wincent ColaiutaMerge branch 'maint'
2008-09-11  Wincent ColaiutaAdd rails/init.rb file
2008-03-21  Wincent ColaiutaMerge branch 'maint'
2008-03-21  Wincent ColaiutaMove version file into "wikitext" subdirectory and...
2008-02-29  Wincent ColaiutaRSTRING_PTR and RSTRING_LEN fixes for Ruby 1.8.5 compat...
2008-02-23  Wincent ColaiutaExtract str_free function into separate function
2008-02-23  Wincent ColaiutaExtract ary_free() out into separate file
2008-02-21  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Rakefile to include new Rails additions with gem
2008-02-18  Wincent ColaiutaNew "package" task for Rakefile
2008-02-09  Wincent ColaiutaAdd custom string struct implementation
2008-02-06  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile updates for RubyForge project
2008-02-05  Wincent ColaiutaInitial cut at documentation
2008-02-05  Wincent ColaiutaAdd RDoc target to Rakefile
2008-02-05  Wincent ColaiutaInclude "ext/depend" in Gem
2008-02-05  Wincent ColaiutaUpdates to Rakefile for RubyGems 1.0
2008-02-05  Wincent ColaiutaBuild Ragel scanner with -G2 switch
2008-02-04  Wincent ColaiutaTweak Rakefile: rebuild whenever ary.h changes
2008-02-03  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate dependencies in Rakefile
2008-02-02  Wincent ColaiutaIntegrate changes from experimental Rakefile into main...
2008-02-01  Wincent ColaiutaMerge branch 'master' into ragel
2008-01-31  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: make "rake spec" emit color by default
2008-01-31  Wincent ColaiutaMerge branch 'master' into ragel
2008-01-31  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate copyright range and license headers
2008-01-30  Wincent ColaiutaSet-up autotest to run whenever a new binary is built
2007-11-14  Wincent ColaiutaAdd GPL header to source files
2007-10-30  Wincent ColaiutaOverride ARCHFLAGS only temporarily
2007-10-30  Wincent ColaiutaTweak extension build for Leopard compatibility
2007-10-30  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Rakefile to really clean
2007-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaAdditional dependency info for Rakefile
2007-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaRefactor for deployment using RubyGems
2007-10-17  Wincent ColaiutaAdd a simple Rakefile