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6 years agoAdd documentation generated by docvim
Greg Hurrell [Sun, 12 Jun 2016 21:25:04 +0000 (14:25 -0700)] 
Add documentation generated by docvim

Now the circle is complete.

6 years agoRemove stray references to Pinnacle repo
Greg Hurrell [Sun, 12 Jun 2016 21:23:34 +0000 (14:23 -0700)] 
Remove stray references to Pinnacle repo

These due to COPY-PASTA.

7 years agoWork around "after" directory not being in the 'runtimepath'
Greg Hurrell [Tue, 3 May 2016 16:12:51 +0000 (09:12 -0700)] 
Work around "after" directory not being in the 'runtimepath'

7 years agoFix annoying error messages on switching to a new *.vim file
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 31 Mar 2016 23:20:55 +0000 (16:20 -0700)] 
Fix annoying error messages on switching to a new *.vim file

This will happen because the file gets re-evaluated (almost?) every time
you switch to a *.vim file after having looked at another filetype.

7 years agoUpdate docs
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 30 Mar 2016 07:01:13 +0000 (00:01 -0700)] 
Update docs

- Add missing heading.
- List all mirrors.
- Use subheadings in version history.

7 years agoDepend on Pinnacle, optionally, instead of on my dotfiles
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 30 Mar 2016 07:01:13 +0000 (00:01 -0700)] 
Depend on Pinnacle, optionally, instead of on my dotfiles

7 years agoItalicize all the things
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 30 Mar 2016 06:59:16 +0000 (23:59 -0700)] 
Italicize all the things

Comments are usually italics, so these should be too.

Note that I can't actually ship this as it depends on
`functions#italicize_group`, which is only defined in my dot files, but
I will eventually extract that too into a separate plug-in so that I can
re-use it here too.

7 years agoAvoid "Ignore" highlight group
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 30 Mar 2016 06:48:28 +0000 (23:48 -0700)] 
Avoid "Ignore" highlight group

It's too hard to read.

7 years agoUpdate links
Greg Hurrell [Sun, 27 Mar 2016 22:13:26 +0000 (15:13 -0700)] 
Update links

Including a link to the not-yet-existent Hackage package.

7 years agodocs: Edit for nuance
Greg Hurrell [Sun, 27 Mar 2016 22:12:59 +0000 (15:12 -0700)] 
docs: Edit for nuance

7 years agoSwitch to MIT license
Greg Hurrell [Sun, 27 Mar 2016 21:49:58 +0000 (14:49 -0700)] 
Switch to MIT license

Just to keep it the same as the license we're using for Docvim itself.

7 years agoAdd @commands, @functions, @options
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 14:18:05 +0000 (07:18 -0700)] 
Add @commands, @functions, @options

For the same reason that @mappings is useful, we want a way to
supplement the auto-generated COMMANDS, FUNCTIONS and OPTIONS sections
with arbitrary additional info.

For now this info will get appended to the section, but in the future I
might look at providing nested @header and @footer annotations to allow
you to force it to one location of the other; eg:



  Stuff that gets prepended to the COMMANDS section.


  Stuff that gets appended to the COMMANDS section.

7 years agoAllow docvim blocks to appear inside function bodies
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 14:12:14 +0000 (07:12 -0700)] 
Allow docvim blocks to appear inside function bodies

For example, I just had a case where I had an option defined/used inside
a function:

  function s:foo()
    " @option g:SomeOption boolean 1
    " This option does some thing.
    let l:dispatch=get(g:, 'SomeOption', 1)

    " [code that uses the option here...]

Note that @option is a bit different from @mapping and @command. The
latter generally will have one authoritative place where they are
defined and where their documentation can logically/obviously go. An
@option on the other hand, may be used in multiple places.

So it may make sense to either just document these elsewhere (like up in
the @plugin area), or get into the habit of making a centralized place
where option default values are defined, so that they can be documented
independently of their usage sites.

7 years agoAdd @mappings annotation
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 06:21:42 +0000 (23:21 -0700)] 
Add @mappings annotation

For generic comments about mappings. This section will be appended to
the generated documentation after `@mapping` annotations get rendered.

7 years agoHighlight entire annotation line, when appropriate
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 06:21:00 +0000 (23:21 -0700)] 
Highlight entire annotation line, when appropriate

Things look prettier when the annotation coloring extends over the
entire contents of the line.

7 years agoAdd LICENSE.txt
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 06:20:33 +0000 (23:20 -0700)] 

7 years agoMatch more things for links
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:41:03 +0000 (21:41 -0700)] 
Match more things for links

Now we match `|g:FooBar|` and `|.vimrc|`, which we failed to do before.

7 years agoUse \s consistently, to handle tabs as well as spaces
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:40:47 +0000 (21:40 -0700)] 
Use \s consistently, to handle tabs as well as spaces

7 years agoMake indented blocks work
Greg Hurrell [Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:38:43 +0000 (21:38 -0700)] 
Make indented blocks work

We were misdetecting the end of the docblock because our `end` regex
could match lines like:


(ie. a 0 or 1-width space, followed by a non-quote)

Fix that by looking for non-space, non-tab, non-quote instead.

Also, use "\s" for whitespace, so that we deal with tabs properly as
well as spaces.

7 years agoDrop @header support
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 04:33:15 +0000 (21:33 -0700)] 
Drop @header support

We don't need it. Anything under @plugin is implicitly in the "header"
region unless explicitly marked otherwise (ie. with @footer or such).

7 years agoAdd source documentation
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 04:31:17 +0000 (21:31 -0700)] 
Add source documentation

Written using docvim comments, of course. I'll add the generated outputs
later (can't do so yet as I am still boostrapping the docvim tool

7 years agoMake docvim{Star,Bar} match their containing matches
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 03:34:44 +0000 (20:34 -0700)] 
Make docvim{Star,Bar} match their containing matches

7 years agoAdd missing docvimSubheadingPrefix link
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 03:34:22 +0000 (20:34 -0700)] 
Add missing docvimSubheadingPrefix link

7 years agoAdd highlighting of pre-fenced regions
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:37:04 +0000 (17:37 -0700)] 
Add highlighting of pre-fenced regions

7 years agoAdd support for 'settings' and <CTRL-keys>
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:24:30 +0000 (17:24 -0700)] 
Add support for 'settings' and <CTRL-keys>

7 years agoDon't allow spaces inside backtick ranges
Greg Hurrell [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:24:02 +0000 (17:24 -0700)] 
Don't allow spaces inside backtick ranges

7 years agoInitial commit
Greg Hurrell [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:08:32 +0000 (16:08 -0700)] 
Initial commit

This is the work-in-progresss syntax highlighting for the
not-yet-released "docvim" syntax (this will be a tool that I'll release
for embedding extractable documentation inline inside Vim plugins).