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feat: add support for `@header` and `@image` annotations
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2019-06-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: add support for `@header` and `@image` annotations
2018-12-25  Greg HurrellPrepare for 1.0 release 1.0
2016-06-12  Greg HurrellRemove stray references to Pinnacle repo
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellFix annoying error messages on switching to a new ...
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellUpdate docs
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellDepend on Pinnacle, optionally, instead of on my dotfiles
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellItalicize all the things
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAvoid "Ignore" highlight group
2016-03-27  Greg HurrellUpdate links
2016-03-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: Edit for nuance
2016-03-27  Greg HurrellSwitch to MIT license
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellAdd @commands, @functions, @options
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellAllow docvim blocks to appear inside function bodies
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellAdd @mappings annotation
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellHighlight entire annotation line, when appropriate
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellMatch more things for links
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellUse \s consistently, to handle tabs as well as spaces
2015-07-30  Greg HurrellMake indented blocks work
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellDrop @header support
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellAdd source documentation
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellMake docvim{Star,Bar} match their containing matches
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellAdd missing docvimSubheadingPrefix link
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellAdd highlighting of pre-fenced regions
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellAdd support for 'settings' and <CTRL-keys>
2015-07-29  Greg HurrellDon't allow spaces inside backtick ranges
2015-07-28  Greg HurrellInitial commit