2021-06-14  Greg Hurrellchore: move from "master" to "main" main master
2020-12-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: add "DEVELOPMENT" section
2020-12-08  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare v2.2 release 2.2
2020-12-08  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/5'
2020-12-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: update AUTHORS and HISTORY sections
2020-12-08  J. Eduardofix: ignore case during string check
2020-06-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: change "OS X" to "macOS"
2020-06-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2020-06-19  Greg Hurrellfeat: attempt to autodetect need for -N switch to nc autodetect
2019-03-06  Greg HurrellPrepare for 2.1 release 2.1
2018-12-18  Greg HurrellAdd clipper#set_invocation()
2017-08-25  Greg HurrellAdd ability to automatically send yanked text to Clipper 2.0
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellPrepare for 1.0 release 1.0
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellAdd support for connecting via a UNIX domain socket
2015-07-17  Greg HurrellUse get() for getting optional settings with defaults
2015-07-08  Greg HurrellAdd LICENSE.txt
2015-07-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: add missing docs for g:ClipperPort
2015-07-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: add missing COMMANDS section
2015-07-07  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update release notes
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellRename <Plug>ClipperClip to <Plug>(ClipperClip)
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellActually use <Plug>ClipperClip mapping
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellUse consistent spacing for `let` statements
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellAdd top-level .gitignore 0.1
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellInitial import