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2021-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: move from "master" to "main" main master
2020-12-21  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/9'
2020-12-21  Greg Hurrelldocs: update AUTHORS and HISTORY sections
2020-12-21  Adam P. Regasz... fix: set diff.noprefix=no to avoid local config removin...
2020-12-21  Adam P. Regasz... fix: stop hunk header regex from mismatching wrong...
2020-10-24  Greg Hurrelldocs: add info on how to set up "git jump" subcommand
2020-09-19  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/7'
2020-09-19  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY and AUTHORS sections
2020-09-19  Greg Hurrellrefactor: tweak case of config name
2020-09-19  Aaron Schrabfix: use with git diff.mnemonicprefix configuration
2019-10-12  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 1.0 release 1.0
2019-10-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: use "plug-in" consistently instead of "plugin"
2019-10-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: add "USAGE" section
2019-10-12  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/5'
2019-10-11  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2019-10-11  Greg Hurrellfeat: add `:VcsJump!` and `g:VcsJumpMode`
2019-10-09  Greg Hurrellstyle: adjust whitespace
2019-10-09  Pascal Lalancettefeat: support buffers outside of Vim's CWD
2019-09-30  Greg Hurrellfix: work from subdirectories (#3)
2019-09-16  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/2'
2019-09-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: update AUTHORS section
2019-09-16  Pascal Lalancettefix: correct small README.md typo
2019-06-11  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2019-06-11  Greg Hurrellfix: add `--no-color` to `git diff` invocation (#1)
2019-06-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: provide a better title for the quickfix listing
2019-06-09  Greg Hurrelldocs: document mapping
2019-06-08  Greg Hurrellchore: add LICENSE.txt
2019-06-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: add logo
2019-06-02  Greg Hurrelldoc: fix script number in "Website" section
2019-06-02  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 0.1 release 0.1
2019-06-02  Greg Hurrellchore: initial import