2018-12-27  Greg HurrellRemove nested .npmignore file master
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellGit: ignore yarn-error.log
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellAdd v0.0.3 changes to CHANGELOG.md
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellBump version for v0.0.3 release 0.0.3
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellDistribute index.js.flow with package
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellAdd mocha/ to .npmignore
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellUse Flow strict
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellSwitch to modern Flow
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellAdd yarn.lock
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellPrepare for v0.0.2 release 0.0.2
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellAvoid infinite loop passing unterminated headers
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellMake tests actually useful
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellUpdate CHANGELOG for initial (0.1) release 0.0.1
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellRemove hard-wrapping from LICENSE.md
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellRemove hard-wrapping from license text
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellRemove executable bit from files that don't need it
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellDon't let mocha choke on Flow type annotations
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellDon't let babel choke on object spread syntax
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellMake sure babel can grok Flow syntax
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellImport code and update README
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellGet flow working
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellLike a fool, "lock" down dev dependencies again...
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellUpdate dependencies
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellCustomize package.json
2016-02-19  Greg HurrellInitial commit