2018-12-27  Greg HurrellPrepare for v0.0.4 release master 0.0.4
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellDistribute src/debounce.js directly
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellSwitch to comment syntax for Flow annotations
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellSet up Flow
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellRemove explicit dependency on Babel
2018-12-27  Greg HurrellAdd yarn.lock
2015-08-06  Greg HurrellFix extraneous whitespace in README
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellBump version number for 0.0.3 release 0.0.3
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd CHANGELOG
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellSort out npmignore woes
2015-08-04  Greg Hurrelldoc: Prettify links
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellUse language-specific syntax highlighting in README
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellBump version number to 0.0.2 0.0.2
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellGit: ignore npm-debug.log 0.0.1
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd url to package.json author info
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellEnsure dist directory up-to-date before publishing
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellUpdate copyright year ranges
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellPort jest tests to sinon/mocha
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellFurther set-up eslint
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellInstall gulp-babel
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellFix missing parens in gulpfile
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellExpose some more gulp tasks as npm scripts
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd gulpfile
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellBring across standard test tooling
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellImport debounce source
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellPrepare for dist/src structure
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd some standard dev dependencies
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellSimplify repo URL
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary fragment from homepage link
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellStructure author info in package.json
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd package.json