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2020-01-29  Greg Hurrelldocs: soft wrap README.md master
2020-01-29  Greg Hurrelldocs: add references to 1Password
2020-01-29  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/1'
2020-01-29  Greg Hurrelldocs: update Usage instructions
2020-01-29  Thomas Ronnerfeat: add Makefile to build without XCode (just type...
2014-05-10  Greg HurrellAdd LICENSE and README.md
2014-05-10  Greg HurrellImprove handling of bad data
2014-05-10  Greg HurrellPrint out CSV to standard out
2014-05-10  Greg HurrellDo it all with Core Foundation
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellRead the data from the property list
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellTry to get RTF version of data
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellConvert to Objective-C (main.c -> main.m)
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellGet password data for each "Secure Note"
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellPrint something about "Secure Notes" while iterating
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellDump raw contents of all generic passwords
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellLink against Security.framework
2014-05-09  Greg HurrellAdd new Xcode project