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2021-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: move "master" → "main" main master
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare v1.1. release 1.1
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: ignore "media" worktree
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: add demo gif to README
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: restore header image
2020-06-12  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/11'
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrelldoc: update AUTHORS and HISTORY sections
2020-06-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor: replace hard-coded "$" with "very magic"...
2020-06-10  Keng Kiat LimEscape '$' when launching Scalpel
2019-03-06  Greg HurrellPrepare for v1.0.1 release 1.0.1
2019-02-18  Greg HurrellPrefer execute() when available to avoid potential...
2019-01-03  Greg HurrellFix clowniness of commit c00f46b 1.0
2019-01-03  Greg Hurrelldoc: prepare for 1.0 release
2019-01-03  Greg HurrellTake into account 'gdefault' setting
2018-07-29  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.5 release 0.5
2018-07-29  Greg HurrellFix VISUAL mode in older Vim
2018-07-24  Greg Hurrelldoc: prepare for 0.4 release 0.4
2018-07-24  Greg HurrellFix problem with replacement sequences containing the...
2018-05-10  Greg HurrellPrep for 0.3 release 0.3
2018-05-09  Greg HurrellUse getpos('.') instead of getcurpos() on old Vim
2017-09-07  Greg HurrellAllow other pattern delimiters
2016-10-12  Greg HurrellAdd empty .watchmanconfig
2016-06-13  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.2 release 0.2
2016-06-13  Greg HurrellSuppress "N substitutions on N lines" messages
2016-06-12  Greg HurrellFreshen documentation
2016-06-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: note how to generate docs for release
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellAdd Vim help documentation generated by docvim
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellAdd logo to README
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellFix some wrapping
2016-05-30  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix a typo in the README
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellReplace README with docvim-generated version
2016-05-26  Greg HurrellUpdate docs with info about visual mode operation
2016-05-26  Greg HurrellBe a good autocmd citizen
2016-05-26  Greg HurrellHack around <cword> issue using CursorMoved autocmd
2016-05-26  Greg HurrellAttempt fix for <cword> not being useful in VISUAL...
2016-05-26  Greg HurrellWork in VISUAL mode
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellIgnore release archives
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd README 0.1
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellRename ScalpelSubstitute to Scalpel
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellDenest
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellRename :Substitute to :Scalpel
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd validation of command name
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd basic configuration
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd standard plug-in boilerplate
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd LICENSE.md
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellAdd license headers
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellCarry "a" flag around when looping back to top of buffer
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellDrop empty trailing comment
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellRename autoloaded functions to match directory structure
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellImport base from dotfiles
2016-04-29  Greg HurrellInitial commit