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2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release master
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaIgnore the rcov "coverage" out directory 1.2.1
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaAdd rcov as a development dependency
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 1.2.1 release
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaFix for Ruby 1.9: rb_block_given_p() no longer returns...
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Bundle for more recent RSpec
2011-09-05  Wincent ColaiutaFix whitespace
2010-08-21  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: fix typo (cosmetic)
2010-07-30  Wincent ColaiutaClean up YARD docs and use more tags
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaDocumentation tweaks to work better with YARD
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaGit: ignore .config.yml file
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: use yardoc to generate documentation
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaRun 'bundle install' to set-up YARD
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaAdd YARD as a development dependency
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaTweaks to keep YARD happy
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaSet up dependencies properly in Rakefile
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaMake 'push' task depend on built gem
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number prior to 1.2 release 1.2
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaGit: ignore *.gem files
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaAdd Bundler binstubs
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaUser Bundler in development environment
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaAdd RSpec as a development dependency
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaExtract gemspec into separate file
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaSet has_rdoc to false (Yardoc currently broken anyway)
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaRemove old links from README
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate homepage link
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaTweaks to RDoc comments to save Yardoc from choking
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaDon't abuse "rb_define_module_function"
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaTeach mkdtemp to take optional block parameter
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaSwitch to C99-style comments
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaSwitch to BSD license
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number post-release maint
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 1.1.1 release 1.1.1
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaAdd missing files to gem
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaBump version number for 1.1 release 1.1
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaAdd ruby_compat.h for Ruby 1.8.5 compatibility
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaSilence warning compiling against Ruby 1.9
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaDon't write directly to Ruby String object storage
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaUse RSTRING_PTR macro for Ruby 1.9 compatibility
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaAdd specs 1.0
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaIgnore "html" and "pkg" directories
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaUse RubyForge as homepage
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaSet up RDoc
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaChanges to rakefile to get the extension building
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaAdd notes about platform variation in the mkdtemp(...
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate copyright range to include 2008
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaRemove reference to Walrus in function name
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaStyle changes: declaration after statement
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaAvoid unnecessary reallocation in mkdtemp function
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaClarify and re-format comments
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaIgnore built products in "ext" directory
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaAdd version file
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaAdd license file
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaInitial import from Walrus start