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Rakefile: fix typo (cosmetic)
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2010-08-21  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: fix typo (cosmetic)
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaRakefile: use yardoc to generate documentation
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaSet up dependencies properly in Rakefile
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaMake 'push' task depend on built gem
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaExtract gemspec into separate file
2010-07-29  Wincent ColaiutaSet has_rdoc to false (Yardoc currently broken anyway)
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate homepage link
2010-07-28  Wincent ColaiutaSwitch to BSD license
2009-12-06  Wincent ColaiutaAdd missing files to gem
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaUse RubyForge as homepage
2008-09-28  Wincent ColaiutaSet up RDoc
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaChanges to rakefile to get the extension building
2008-09-27  Wincent ColaiutaInitial import from Walrus start