2021-12-03  Greg Hurrellchore: add .mailmap main master
2021-12-03  Greg Hurrellfix: also work with long forms of `:v` (`:vg` ... ...
2021-12-02  Greg Hurrellfix: make `:g!` work as a command
2021-12-02  Greg Hurrellrefactor: edit some code comments in the name of precision
2021-12-02  Greg Hurrellfix: make `g:LoupeVeryMagic` work with `:su`, `:sub...
2021-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: move "master" → "main"
2020-09-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix broken heading rendering
2020-09-01  Greg Hurrelldoc: work around GitHub Markdown formatting quirk
2020-09-01  Greg Hurrelldoc: try to make overrides section "headings" stand...
2020-09-01  Greg Hurrellfeat: add g:LoupeCaseSettingsAlways
2018-12-04  Greg Hurrelldoc: rebuild with tweaked docvim to make function headi...
2018-08-07  Greg HurrellPrepare for v1.2.2 release 1.2.2
2018-08-03  Adam P. Regasz... Ensure E802|E803 is caught regardless of 'iskeyword'
2017-08-30  Greg HurrellRegen documentation
2017-08-18  Greg HurrellDon't allow bad search patterns to print ugly errors
2016-10-12  Greg HurrellAdd empty .watchmanconfig
2016-07-14  Greg HurrellPrepare for 1.2.1 release 1.2.1
2016-07-11  Greg HurrellOpen folds when jumping to a match
2016-06-27  Greg HurrellUpdate docs for 1.2 release next 1.2
2016-06-27  Greg HurrellDRY up :noh overrides
2016-06-26  Greg HurrellMake fix even better
2016-06-26  Greg HurrellImprove the :noh<space> fix
2016-06-26  Greg HurrellSlightly improve behavior of ":noh<space>"
2016-06-25  Greg HurrellSuppress unwanted cursor movement on `:noh<cr>`
2016-06-25  Greg HurrellSwitch from cabbrev to more conservative cnoreabbrev
2016-06-25  Greg HurrellAvoid unwanted cabbrev
2016-06-22  Greg HurrellAdd missing heading formatting
2016-06-22  Greg HurrellRegenerate docs with docvim
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellRegenerate docs
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellMake loupe#private#hlmatch not private
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellMake it possible to suppress *, #, n, N, g*, g# mappings
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellIntroduce s:map()
2016-06-16  Greg HurrellPrepare for 1.1 release 1.1
2016-06-16  Greg HurrellMake compatible with older Vim (missing v:hlsearch)
2016-06-15  Greg HurrellAdd support for non-/ delimiters
2016-06-15  Greg Hurrelldoc: Make overriding overrides instructions more obvious
2016-06-13  Greg Hurrelldoc: Move footer content down to footer
2016-06-13  Greg HurrellAdd docvim-generated documentation
2016-06-13  Greg HurrellPrepare source code for documentation generation via...
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellTweak README headings to avoid repetition
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellReplace plaintext README with Markdown
2015-12-27  Greg Hurrelldoc: add DEVELOPMENT section 1.0
2015-12-27  Greg HurrellUpdate docs for 1.0 release
2015-09-24  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/3'
2015-09-24  Joe LencioniAvoid E802
2015-09-02  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix duplicate tags
2015-08-20  Greg HurrellAvoid E803
2015-07-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add RELATED section
2015-07-16  Greg HurrellUse get() to get optional values with defaults
2015-07-08  Greg HurrellAdd LICENSE.txt
2015-07-07  Greg Hurrelldoc: add link target for <Plug>LoupeClearHighlight
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellRename <Plug>LoupeClearHighlight to <Plug>(LoupeClearHi...
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellFix tiny misalignment in the help docs
2015-07-07  Greg HurrellDoc: add missing blank line
2015-07-06  Greg HurrellApply style fixes
2015-07-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: Correct error in submodule set-up instructions
2015-07-05  Greg HurrellRename loupe.txt to README.txt so that GitHub can find it
2015-07-05  Greg HurrellUpdate docs
2015-07-05  Greg HurrellAdd top-level .gitignore
2015-07-05  Greg HurrellInitial import 0.1