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2019-10-20  Greg Hurrellstable-stringify/v0.0.2 master stable-stringify-0.0.2
2019-10-20  Greg Hurrellnullthrows/v0.1.1 nullthrows-0.1.1
2019-10-20  Greg Hurrellescape-html/v0.0.2 escape-html-0.0.2
2019-10-20  Greg Hurrellfix: attempt to resolve bustage due to missing __esModu...
2019-08-06  Greg Hurrellfix(scripts): correct innocuous spelling typo in consol...
2019-08-06  Greg Hurrelldoc: add a blank line for readability
2019-08-06  Greg Hurrellfrozen-set/v0.0.1 frozen-set-0.0.1
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: fix typo in README.md
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellthrottle/v0.0.2 throttle-0.0.2
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfix: revert "feat: avoid top-level `yarn version`"
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfeat: avoid top-level `yarn version`
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfeat: automatically set up .yarnrc files
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellrefactor: DRY up throttle implementation
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: fix a typo in a code comment
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfix: make package test:watch scripts actually watch
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for throttle v0.1 release throttle-0.0.1
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellstyle: fix formatting
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfix: make TypeScript accept ported throttle files
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellchore: import throttle implementation and tests from...
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: add throttle package to README.md
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfeat: create files for new "throttle" package
2019-08-05  Greg Hurrellfix: make scripts/new.sh produce valid JSON in package...
2019-07-19  Greg Hurrellnullthrows/v0.1.0 nullthrows-0.1.0
2019-07-18  Greg Hurrellclamp/v0.3.0 clamp-0.3.0
2019-07-18  Greg Hurrellchore: yarn outdated
2019-07-18  Greg Hurrellchore: yarn upgrade-interactive
2019-07-18  Greg Hurrellchore: advise use of --exact option to `yarn add`
2019-07-18  Greg Hurrellperf: avoid unnecessary use of core-js
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellclamp/v0.2.0 clamp-0.2.0
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellfeat(workspace-scripts): default tag prompt response...
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellfix: include index.d.ts in published packages
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: tweak README for accuracy
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellclamp/v0.1.0 clamp-0.1.0
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellchore: set up .yarnrc files to make releasing easier
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare invariant changelog for v0.0.1 release babel-plugin-invariant-transform-0.0.1 invariant-0.0.1 workspace-scripts-0.0.1
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare workplace-scripts changelog for v0.0...
2019-07-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: prepare clamp changelog for v0.0.1 release
2019-03-31  Greg HurrellNaively attempt to fix bustage due to Babel update
2019-03-31  Greg HurrellUpgrade packages
2019-03-31  Greg HurrellFreshen lockfile
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellDon't print SKIPPING when, er, skipping
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellAdd a tiny run() test
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellMove "scripts/publish.js" into workspace-scripts
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellTeach changelogs.ts to scope itself to specific packages
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellFold scripts/show-dependencies.js into workspace-scripts
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellMigrate check-dependencies.js into workspace-scripts
2019-02-24  Greg HurrellMove check-changelogs.js into workspace-scripts
2019-02-23  Greg HurrellStop ESLint from complaining about "unused" TypeScript...
2019-02-23  Greg HurrellAdd "workspace-scripts prepublish" subcommand
2019-02-23  Greg HurrellAdd missing dependencies
2019-02-23  Greg HurrellFix straggling reference to checkFormat
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellRemove an unnecessary import
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellRemove now-dead code from index.ts
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellGet rid of hideous dispatcher abstraction
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellFurther split things into files
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellPrettier
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellAdd "dispatcher()" helper
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellExtract test tasks into a separate file
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellMake it possible to have override babel config files...
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellFix broken overrides pattern match in babel.config.js
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellShow that workspace-scripts can be factored out into...
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellOnly show typechecking warnings once per run
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellMention TypeScript in README
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellRun prettier
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellFix mistakes in README
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellAdd "yarn bootstrap" and add instructions on how to...
2019-02-20  Greg HurrellWork around chicken-and-egg situation with local transforms
2019-02-19  Greg HurrellUse @wincent/babel-plugin-invariant-transform internal
2019-02-19  Greg HurrellAdd "invariant-transform" package
2019-02-19  Greg HurrellFix quoting issues in generated package.json files
2019-02-19  Greg HurrellAdd missing comma to generated package.json output
2019-02-19  Greg HurrellSilence shell script output
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd invariant transform
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellPreserve some comments in built output
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd missing files
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd lame test for workspace-scripts main() function
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellDRY up eslint configs
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellApply some fixes and polish discovered during review
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd missing .npmignore file
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellApply Prettier changes
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellUpdate README
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellUse workspace-scripts to build
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd "invariant" package
2019-02-17  Greg Hurrellnew.sh: detect and use current workspace-scripts versio...
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellMake Makefile work outside of Yarn or scoped
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellPrettify check-dependencies.js
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellUpdate third-party modules
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellUpdate dependency checks
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellMake all packages delegate to workspace-scripts
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd workspace-scripts to README.md
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd shortcuts to run scripts from package directories
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellTeach workspace-scripts to "test" and "test:watch"
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellColorize workspace-scripts output
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellTeach workspace scripts to "typecheck", "typecheck...
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellTeach workspace-scripts to "lint" and "lint:fix"
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellTeach workspace-scripts to format and format:check
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellAdd @wincent/workspace-scripts stub
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellRun formatting etc on "bin" files too
2019-02-17  Greg HurrellMake sure we don't use non-ES5 stuff in bin files
2019-02-17  Greg Hurrellscripts/new.sh: Prepare to add support for binaries...