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2015-07-31  Greg HurrellUse the right port number
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellPull across sinon "mock" from docvim project
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellForget about jsx extensions
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellIgnore built products
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellReplace boilerplate server.js with gulp-based runner
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellAdd `add` module
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellTailor package.json metadata to match project
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellAdd standard test tools
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellBoostrap using react-hot-boilerplate
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellCreate new unparented branch for JavaScript implementation