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Fix focus bugs on mobile
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2017-06-20  Greg HurrellFix focus bugs on mobile
2017-06-20  Greg HurrellDon't autocapitalize
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellSome more probably immeasurable microoptimization
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellMicrooptimization
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellReuse stack more aggressively
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellGet significant speed up via memoization
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellSpecify boundary conditions a little more rigorously
2017-06-02  Greg HurrellAdd some clarifying comments
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellIgnore leading zeros
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellRevert "Avoid repeated `reverse()` calls in `getDigits...
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellRevert "Replace `unshift()` with `push()` plus `reverse()`"
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellReplace `unshift()` with `push()` plus `reverse()`
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellAvoid repeated `reverse()` calls in `getDigits` + ...
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellCorrect nonsense Flow type
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellDo hoop jumping to stop React moving cursor to end...
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary calls to ReactDOM.findDOMNode
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellOnly replace validators when base changes
2017-06-01  Greg HurrellAllow 0x prefix on hex numbers
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAvoid calling `pop()` on stack
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAdd a clarifying comment
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellCorrect spelling of spellCheck attribute
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAvoid repeated indexOf calls
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAvoid unwanted spellcheck squiggly lines in input fields
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellPort tests to structure desired by create-react-app
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellRemove unused `add` module
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAvoid needless work of converting number into its own...
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellSpeed up by avoiding repeated regex construction etc
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellSpeed up joinDigits by avoiding an extra copy
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellDon't nest select and input inside label
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellPeter Griffin CSS commit
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellFurther attempt at avoiding zoom
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellDisable zoom on select elements too
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellIncrease input field size
2017-05-31  Greg HurrellAdd responsive design
2017-05-30  Greg HurrellRe-build with create-react-app
2017-05-30  Greg HurrellDrop explicit strict mode
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellSwitch from local debounce() to NPM package
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAlign on baseline, not center
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellImprove vertical alignment within rows
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellFix monospace styling
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellReorder some imports for consistency
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary lint override
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellUpdate copyright year ranges
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellDebounce history updates
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellAdd simple debounce module
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellFix whitespace lint
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellUpdate URL with "permalink" to current value
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellDrop unnecessary event meddling
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellSort CSS properties
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellShow cutesy animation when copy to clipboard succeeds
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellFocus first input on load
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellExtract <Size> component
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellUpdate broken test
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellClean up styles
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellMassive speed-up by avoiding Chrome de-opt in hottest...
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellShow byte and bit counts next to title
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellAdd a couple of dynamic fields
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellTweak Field.react
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellSilence a couple of lints
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellDown with require, long live import!
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellFix copy icon background ordering
2015-08-02  Greg HurrellAdd icon for copy button
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAdd copy-to-clipboard functionality
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAvoid unnecessary base conversions
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAdd some styling to make layout sane
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAllow user to fully clear input field
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellHook up convert() function to UI to show that it works
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellImplement `convert` function
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellDon't mutate input array in joinDigits()
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellExtract joinDigits() function
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellSpeed up multiplyDigits even more
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellSpeed up multiplyDigits
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAdd multiplyDigits and friends
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellMore setup, blinking light demo
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellPull across sinon "mock" from docvim project
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellAdd `add` module
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellAdd standard test tools
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellBoostrap using react-hot-boilerplate