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2017-05-30  Greg HurrellRe-build with create-react-app
2017-05-30  Greg Hurrellgulp-spawn-mocha → gulp-mocha
2017-05-30  Greg Hurrellbabel → babel-cli
2017-05-30  Greg Hurrellyarn upgrade-interactive
2015-08-06  Greg HurrellMark package as private to prevent accidental publication
2015-08-04  Greg HurrellSwitch from local debounce() to NPM package
2015-08-03  Greg HurrellShow cutesy animation when copy to clipboard succeeds
2015-08-01  Greg HurrellAdd some styling to make layout sane
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellMore setup, blinking light demo
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellReplace boilerplate server.js with gulp-based runner
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellTailor package.json metadata to match project
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellAdd standard test tools
2015-07-31  Greg HurrellBoostrap using react-hot-boilerplate