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2022-08-02  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 1.1 release main master 1.1
2022-08-01  Greg Hurrellfeat: make some improvements to logging
2021-07-09  Greg Hurrellfeat: improve `git-cipher status -h` output
2021-06-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: update "master" references to say "main"
2021-06-08  Greg Hurrellfix: ignore Git-ignored encrypted files
2021-06-08  Greg Hurrellfeat: teach `status` to report staleness
2021-06-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor: remove dead get_passphrase() code
2021-06-05  Greg Hurrellfeat: support encryption with multiple keys
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrelldoc: add notes about usage on Arch Linux
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrelldoc: update CHANGELOG
2021-05-20  Greg Hurrellfix: allow `command` built-in to work on Linux
2019-01-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: s/OS X/macOS/
2019-01-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: switch to soft-wrapping in Markdown
2019-01-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: link to dotfiles as an example usage
2019-01-16  Greg Hurrelldoc: expand usage section in docs
2019-01-16  Greg HurrellCut 1.0 release 1.0
2019-01-16  Greg HurrellAdd "status" subcommand
2017-04-24  Greg HurrellCut 0.3 release 0.3
2017-04-24  Greg HurrellMarkdownify license file
2017-04-24  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.3 release
2017-04-24  Greg HurrellSet executable bit on common scripting language files
2017-04-24  Greg HurrellAdd `ls` subcommand
2017-04-05  Greg HurrellMove to gnupg2
2017-01-18  Greg Hurrelldoc: update CHANGELOG
2017-01-18  Greg HurrellAdd original basename to `log` tempfile
2017-01-18  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary `chmod` call
2016-06-08  Greg HurrellAdd logo to README
2016-03-07  Greg HurrellRecursively explore dot directories when searching...
2016-02-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: Mention the `log` subcommand in two other places
2016-02-08  Greg HurrellUpdate CHANGELOG.md
2016-02-08  Greg HurrellBump version number for 0.2 release 0.2
2016-02-08  Greg HurrellFuture-proof year ranges
2016-02-08  Greg HurrellAdd `log` subcommand
2015-04-01  Greg Hurrelldoc: explain why git-cipher is structured as a single...
2015-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd "Development" section to README
2015-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd Gem version badge to README
2015-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd gemspec 0.1
2015-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd CHANGELOG
2015-03-31  Greg HurrellUpdate README
2015-03-31  Greg HurrellAdd more configurability for GPG user and preset command
2015-03-28  Greg HurrellWork around gpg quirks
2015-03-28  Greg HurrellFix broken --force option for decrypt subcommand
2015-03-28  Greg HurrellMostly alphabetize methods
2015-03-28  Greg HurrellFix whitespace
2015-03-28  Greg HurrellMake external process calls more robust
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellRemove a redundant comment
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellRemove now-unused bin_utils.rb file
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellExtract inline documentation into separate README
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellAdd LICENSE
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellMerge `decrypt` into `git-cipher`
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellTeach command_name to be context aware
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellUpdate internal references from `encrypt` to `git ciphe...
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellInline the contents of `bin_utils.rb` in `git-cipher`
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellRename `encrypt` to `git-cipher`
2015-03-27  Greg HurrellInitial import from ansible-configs repo