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2010-11-09  Wincent ColaiutaSubmodule updates (add license files, other minor tweaks) master
2010-11-09  Wincent ColaiutaAdd fusion-meta as a submodule
2010-11-09  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-prefs submodule b3e1fe8...f33ff7a (4):
2010-11-08  Wincent ColaiutaSubmodule updates (fusion-base, fusion-menu)
2010-11-08  Wincent ColaiutaOrder dependencies in alphabetical order
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaAdd updater plug-in to build
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-updater cbfc79c...f136494 (10):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaAdd prefs plug-in to build
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-prefs 752f294...b3e1fe8 (10):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-crash-reporter e988e11...221a71a (2):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaAdd help plug-in to build
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-help f90e0b3...8d02816 (9):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaAdd crash reporter plug-in to build
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-crash-reporter 09fdf7b...e988e11 (8):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-menu submodule 6e6a89e...2bdfd46 (5):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-base submodule 210a3a7...6705ff7 (3):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate submodule fusion 0e548bb..fd30b97:
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submodule a1f7e82...0e548bb (3):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaImport and depend on fusion-menu project
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-menu d4d63af...6e6a89e (7):
2010-11-07  Wincent ColaiutaAdd crash reporter, help, menu, prefs and updater submo...
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaModify main(), seeing as loadAllPlugIns will never...
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-base ab53a4c...210a3a7 (1):
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaExercise the new loadAllPlugIns method
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaFusion and fusion-base submodule updates
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaAdd fusion-base plug-in to build process
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate fusion-base bc09272...ea828f4 (4):
2010-11-06  Wincent ColaiutaAdd fusion-base submodule
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submoduleo
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaXcode project buzz
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaDo something with WOFPlugInManager in main()
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaUse LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS rather than OTHER_LDFLAGS
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaPass -rpath via OTHER_LDFLAGS
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submodule b529a87..5c23f20
2010-11-05  Wincent ColaiutaLink against Foundation rather than Cocoa in host app
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submodule (Doxyfile tweak)
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaImport Fusion.h instead of Cocoa.h
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaXcode buzz
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaRemove NSPrincipalClass key from bundle
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaTurn main() into a no-op, for now
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaRemove MainMenu.xib
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaRemove application delegate files
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaChange build phase order (copy frameworks before linking)
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submodule (get headers into framework...
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaCopy Fusion framework inside app bundle
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate Fusion submodule
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd Fusion framework as a dependency and link against it
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd license header to main.m
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd reference to LICENSE.txt to project
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaMove LICENSE.txt file to top level of repository
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd LICENSE.txt
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaChange CFBundleDevelopmentRegion from "English" to...
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaSet bundle identifier
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaRename info plist to, er, Info.plist
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaRemove custom prefix header, use Cocoa header instead
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaGet build settings via xcconfig files from buildtools
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd project folder reference for buildtools submodule
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaGit: set up per-user files and ignores inside project...
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaGit: ignore build folder created by Xcode
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd new Cocoa application (standard Xcode template)
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd Fusion as a submodule
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaMove buildtools submodule one level down into src subdi...
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaSet up directory for shared build products
2010-11-04  Wincent ColaiutaAdd buildtools as a submodule