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Improve Parse.hs type signatures
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2016-06-10  Greg HurrellCut back on explicit imports as per the GHC style guide
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMove under Text.* namespace
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellSplit into executable and library
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellFix hlint nits
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellUse parseTest
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellStart really parsing VimL
2016-03-19  Greg HurrellAdd support for @function annotation
2016-03-19  Greg HurrellAdd some more stuff to the parser
2016-03-19  Greg HurrellTidy up parser a little
2016-03-19  Greg HurrellGrow parser
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellSimplify content-free token constructors
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellUnify an import statement
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellTeach lexer to recognize a few more token types
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellAdd separate lexer
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellDon's export parseUnit
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellFacilitate testing in the REPL with `p`
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellUse simpler char rather than string parser
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellStep towards actually parsing comments
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellMake filter lambda point-free
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellSlightly neaten conditional logging
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellLog filenames when -v is passed
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellSplit out Parse module
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellPrep to move parsing into separate module
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellParse to EOF
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellStart build out more AST types
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellPass contents of file through parsec
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellSwitch doc comment ordering
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellActually read from file system
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellActually respect -c command-line option
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellFilter out non-Vim source files
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellImprove variable name
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellStub out reading in current directory
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellSplit options parsing into a separate file
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellAdd missing type annotations
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellShow default value for -c option
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellParse --verbose and OUTFILE arguments
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellFormat
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellCorrect typo in help output
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellAdd --version flag
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellDefault to running in the current directory
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellSplit out option parsing functions
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellRename "{C,c}onfig" to "{O,o}ptions"
2016-03-16  Greg HurrellRename "intro" to "run"
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellAdd starting point for options parsing
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellAdd type annotation to main
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellStart Haddock-generated documentation
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellAdd executable