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Add Vim help integration tests
[docvim.git] / tests / tasty.hs
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellAdd Vim help integration tests
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellIndentation
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellAdd (Markdown) integration tests
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellMore misguided refactoring
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellStart refactoring golden tests to support end-to-end...
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellTurn on -Wall -Werror -W
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellCut back on explicit imports as per the GHC style guide
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMove under Text.* namespace
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellOverhaul testing and compilation
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellSimplify `walk` callers by using monoidal nature of...
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellUse <> infix instead of mappend
2016-04-03  Greg HurrellHandle more kinds of let assignment
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellMake symbol visitor extract plugin annotations
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellStart augmenting symbol table
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellRemove now-unnecessary example syntax from tests
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellAdd basic symbol "table" implementation
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellShow some visitors in the unit tests
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAdd initial stub for Vim help printer
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd distinct descriptions for golden test groups
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd initial golden tests for Markdown printer
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellBe explicit about Tasty imports
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellHorrible fix for colorization issue
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellStrip diff headers
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellCustomize golden test diff output
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellUse Git for diffs in order to get color
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellMake golden output somewhat readable
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellGet golden tests working properly
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellStart sketching out "golden" testing
2016-03-22  Greg HurrellHook up pretty-show
2016-03-22  Greg HurrellMake unit tests a little more real
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellAdd tasty tests