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Remove unnecessary explicit anchors in headings
[docvim.git] / tests / fixtures / markdown / integration-ferret-plugin.golden
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary explicit anchors in headings
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellDo some linkification in the Markdown printer
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellFix duplicate content
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd entries to symbol table for generated headings
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd auto-generated headings to Markdown printer
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellOverhaul testing and compilation
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellFix trailing whitespace at end of file
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellSort link targets for Markdown output too
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellRemove an errant >
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellCopy parser integration fixtures over to Markdown directory