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2016-06-10  Greg HurrellTurn on -Wall -Werror -W
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellCut back on explicit imports as per the GHC style guide
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMove under Text.* namespace
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellFix ordering within links in TOC
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellDon't hardwrap inside fenced codeblocks
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellPrint TOC in Vim output
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMake sure generated headings appear in TOC node
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMostly-working TOC generation for AST
2016-06-08  Greg HurrellFix options parsing when no default value is provided
2016-06-08  Greg HurrellInject other kinds of headings
2016-06-08  Greg HurrellAuto-inject @commands annotation when necessary
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellAdd @option headings to Markdown printer
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellAdd a target for |:Command| links in Markdown
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary explicit anchors in headings
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellDo some linkification in the Markdown printer
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellAdd @mapping support to Vim printer
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellGet @command annotation working
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellMake wrapping aware of concealed characters
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellFix misplaced whitespace in output
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd test showing @option output
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellPrint options
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellHandle overlength headings
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellFix duplicate content
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellInitial cut at @mapping, @command, @option, @function
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellMake Vim headings work by colocating link targets on...
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd entries to symbol table for generated headings
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAutogen headings in Vim printer too
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd auto-generated headings to Markdown printer
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd basic support for @options, @functions and @command...
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellOverhaul testing and compilation
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellSuppress unwanted trailing whitespace
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellFurther refine hard-wrapping
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellBe better about hard-wrap placement
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellAlways link unconditionally in Vim help output
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellMove hardwrapping from `plaintext` into `append`
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellShare integration tests inputs across output types
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellRemove unwanted blank lines before fenced code blocks
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellEliminate unwanted trailing whitespace
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellInitial primitive cut at hard wrapping
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellDrop excess blank lines after fenced code blocks in...
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellDeal with linebreaks inside list items
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellFix unwanted stripping of leading whitespace
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellFix excess line at break tags in blockquotes
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellAdd some tests
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellShow how linebreaks can be contextual
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellAdd some fixture files that I previously forgot to...
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellFix trailing whitespace at end of file
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellSort link targets for Markdown output too
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellSort link targets
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellRight-align link targets
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellFix @plugin printing in Vim printer
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellMake Vim printer more useful
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellSimplify `walk` callers by using monoidal nature of...
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellTraverse into functions in Markdown printer
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellDon't suppress all whitespace in GenericStatement repre...
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellRemove an errant >
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellCopy parser integration fixtures over to Markdown directory
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix overly eager GenericStatement parsing and eos issues
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellStore ints rather than strings in AST
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix silly bug with lwindow parsing
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellAdd support for lexpr, lw
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellDisambiguate :endfo[r] and :endf[unction]
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle varargs (...)
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle autoloaded functions
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle "blank" lines in normal (non-docblock) comments
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix problem with trailing comments
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellUpdate let.golden
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellUse <> infix instead of mappend
2016-04-03  Greg HurrellHandle more kinds of let assignment
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellImprove lookahead rules for special tokens
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellHandle colons in function names
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellPrefix plugin name to title anchors
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellMake symbol visitor extract plugin annotations
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellStart augmenting symbol table
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellImprove link styling
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd separator support
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellRemove underived Show instances
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellRemove now-unnecessary example syntax from tests
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellAdd basic symbol "table" implementation
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellShow some visitors in the unit tests
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellMake overall title based on @plugin annotation
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAdd Pinnacle-based integration tests
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAdd initial stub for Vim help printer
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellHandle links in Markdown printer
2016-03-30  Greg Hurrell"Sanitize" anchor targets just like GitHub does
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAdd initial LinkTarget support to Markdown printer
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellTeach Markdown printer about fenced code blocks
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellNest ListItem inside List
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellTeach Markdown printer to handle blockquotes
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellPrint list items in Markdown printer
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellTeach Markdown printer about backticks
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellTeach Markdown printer about br tags
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellTeach Markdown printer to print paragraphs
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd distinct descriptions for golden test groups
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd initial golden tests for Markdown printer
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix backticks in first column
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd "integration" test
2016-03-29  Greg Hurrellblockquotes: handle multiple consecutive blanks
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAccept blank lines between blockquote paragraphs
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAlmost support multiple paragraphs in blockquotes