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Back out -Werror
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2016-06-10  Greg HurrellBack out -Werror
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellTurn on -Wall -Werror -W
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellSilence build complaints about tasty other-modules...
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMove under Text.* namespace
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellPrepare for release
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellAdd source-repository info to docvim.cabal
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMostly-working TOC generation for AST
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellAdd Section visitor
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellInitial cut at @mapping, @command, @option, @function
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd basic support for @options, @functions and @command...
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellOverhaul testing and compilation
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellDon't rely on transformers
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellExtract Visitor module
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellSuppress unwanted trailing whitespace
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellFix test breakage caused by missing modules
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellAdd Mappings visitor
2016-05-28  Greg HurrellMake CLI tool print markdown
2016-04-07  Greg HurrellUse lens library and uniplate functionality to simplify...
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellAdd crude error reporting for duplicate symbols
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellTake first, clowny steps towards using a Reader
2016-03-31  Greg HurrellAdd basic symbol "table" implementation
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellAdd initial stub for Vim help printer
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd initial seed of Markdown printer
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellMove AST types into separate module
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellRemove Lex module
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellCustomize golden test diff output
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellStart sketching out "golden" testing
2016-03-22  Greg HurrellHook up pretty-show
2016-03-22  Greg HurrellMake unit tests a little more real
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellSplit into executable and library
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellAdd tasty tests
2016-03-20  Greg HurrellSet up test suite for running HLint from cabal
2016-03-18  Greg HurrellPass contents of file through parsec
2016-03-17  Greg HurrellStub out reading in current directory
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellAdd starting point for options parsing
2016-03-15  Greg HurrellRun cabal init