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Add additional blank line above headings
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2017-05-03  Greg HurrellAdd additional blank line above headings
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellMake Control.Applicative imports conditional
2016-06-21  Greg HurrellPrint function annotations
2016-06-17  Greg HurrellAdd another explicit Control.Applicative input
2016-06-17  Greg HurrellFix lint
2016-06-17  Greg HurrellExplicitly import <$> from Control.Applicative
2016-06-16  Greg HurrellUse sorting to produce stable ASTs
2016-06-16  Greg HurrellTweak Control.Lens import for better compatibility
2016-06-13  Greg HurrellSpecial-case empty output
2016-06-12  Greg HurrellFix explicit links to GitHub headings
2016-06-12  Greg HurrellGet rid of ugly ast, ast2, ast3 etc bindings
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellFix indent
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellFilter out Empty nodes
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellAdd file meant to be included in previous commit
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellPartial implementation of pruning empty paths
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellFix jumbled sections
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellFix style by camel-casing
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellFix case for Vim help plugin header
2016-06-11  Greg HurrellCenter plugin header
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellMore misguided refactoring
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellStart refactoring golden tests to support end-to-end...
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellShow compiled AST when debug flag is set
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellRemove a stale comment
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellFix remaining lint about duplication
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellMake linter happier about duplication
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellFix remaining warnings
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellFurther improve type annotations
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellImprove Parse.hs type signatures
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellFix a bunch of warnings from -W -Wall
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellRemove some over-zealous indentation
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellTurn on -Wall -Werror -W
2016-06-10  Greg HurrellCut back on explicit imports as per the GHC style guide
2016-06-09  Greg HurrellMove under Text.* namespace