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Initial cut at @mapping, @command, @option, @function
[docvim.git] / lib / Docvim / Visitor / Footer.hs
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellInitial cut at @mapping, @command, @option, @function
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellMore simplification
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellTrim down imports
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellMore DRYing
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellFurther visitor DRYing
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellTidy indentation
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellExtract Visitor module
2016-05-31  Greg HurrellSimplify some case statements with the LambdaCase extension
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellMake Vim printer more useful
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellAdd extract function to Plugin visitor
2016-05-29  Greg HurrellTrim down footer extraction to its "final" form
2016-05-29  Greg HurrellAdd some notes about footer extraction
2016-05-28  Greg HurrellMake CLI tool print markdown
2016-04-07  Greg HurrellFix lints
2016-04-06  Greg HurrellRevert "(Temporarily) switch to partitioning footer...
2016-04-06  Greg Hurrell(Temporarily) switch to partitioning footer visitor
2016-04-06  Greg HurrellDRY up Footer visitor
2016-04-06  Greg HurrellFurther flesh out footer visitor
2016-04-06  Greg HurrellStart working on Footer visitor