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Try to trick linter about duplication
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2016-06-07  Greg HurrellTry to trick linter about duplication
2016-06-07  Greg HurrellGet @command annotation working
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellUse worktree as issue tracker
2016-06-06  Greg HurrellAdd basic support for @options, @functions and @command...
2016-06-05  Greg HurrellOverhaul testing and compilation
2016-06-01  Greg HurrellFix unwanted stripping of leading whitespace
2016-05-30  Greg HurrellMake Vim printer more useful
2016-04-05  Greg Hurrellintercalate -> unwords as per linter
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellSkip past tabs in LetStatement RHS
2016-04-05  Greg HurrellDon't suppress all whitespace in GenericStatement repre...
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix overly eager GenericStatement parsing and eos issues
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellStore ints rather than strings in AST
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix silly bug with lwindow parsing
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellAdd support for lexpr, lw
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellDisambiguate :endfo[r] and :endf[unction]
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle varargs (...)
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle autoloaded functions
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellHandle "blank" lines in normal (non-docblock) comments
2016-04-04  Greg HurrellFix problem with trailing comments
2016-04-03  Greg HurrellHandle more kinds of let assignment
2016-04-03  Greg HurrellUnbreak some tests caused by introduction of generic...
2016-04-03  Greg HurrellCull a comment
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellAdd basic support for "generic" (catch-all) VimL statements
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellFix a lint
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellImprove lookahead rules for special tokens
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellFix phrasing run-on consuming special tokens
2016-04-02  Greg HurrellHandle colons in function names
2016-04-01  Greg HurrellAdd separator support
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellMake Unit just a Node constructor
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellRemove some unused code
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellFix a typo in a comment
2016-03-30  Greg HurrellUse `sepBy1` as infix for readability
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellNest ListItem inside List
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix backticks in first column
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellSimplify pp function
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix a lint
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellMove AST types into separate module
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd "integration" test
2016-03-29  Greg Hurrellblockquotes: handle multiple consecutive blanks
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellDrop some unnecessary `optional ws`
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAccept blank lines between blockquote paragraphs
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAlmost support multiple paragraphs in blockquotes
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellEmbed paragraph in blockquotes
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix lints
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellRemove a comment
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellMake fenced code block indent detection smarter
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix leading whitespace in fenced blocks
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellStrip restOfLine less aggressively
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd fenced code block support
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary `optional`
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellAdd a blank line
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellMake blockquote handle phrasing content too
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellMake list items bonafide phrasing content containers
2016-03-29  Greg HurrellFix some issues with br-tag parsing
2016-03-28  Greg HurrellAdd support for backticks
2016-03-28  Greg HurrellAdd Link support
2016-03-28  Greg HurrellHandle break tags much better
2016-03-28  Greg HurrellInject, compress and strip whitespace
2016-03-28  Greg HurrellImprove paragraph parsing
2016-03-27  Greg HurrellStart thinking about phrasing content
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellSupport multi-line list items
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellPick a better name than "ws'"
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellReuse "restOfLine" parser in one place
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellDrop another reduntant "optional ws"
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellImprove formatting
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellAdd a comment
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellRemove a redundant "optional ws"
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellAttempt slightly better naming
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellImprove readability by reusing a parser
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellHandle multi-line blockquotes
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellAdd support for simple blockquotes
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellAdd basic list item parsing
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellGet rid of more tokens
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellKill off some useless tokens
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellSwitch back to old restOfLine approach
2016-03-26  Greg HurrellShow alternate restOfLine implementation
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellRemove commented out code
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellTrim trailing whitespace on headings
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellReveal intentions
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellGet subheadings parsing
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellDeal with trailing empty comment lines
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellHandle blank lines and multiple link targets
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellAdd basic link target support
2016-03-25  Greg HurrellFix broken tests
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellRemove Lex module
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellWrap Plaintext in Paragraph nodes
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellStart thinking about "plaintext"
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellFavor shorter applicative forms
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellGet multiple annotations working a bit more nicely
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellTry to handle multiple annotations in a single doc...
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellFix lint
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellMake DocBlocks contain lists of Nodes
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellHandle trailing comments
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellFix lint
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellStart fleshing out docblock side of things
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellResolve ambiguity between comments and doc block comments
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellMake newline a little more greedy
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellAlphabetize
2016-03-24  Greg HurrellParse comments
2016-03-23  Greg HurrellStart sketching out "golden" testing