2022-03-26  Greg Hurrellchore: update packages main
2022-03-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor: get rid of explicit resolutions
2022-03-26  Greg Hurrellchore: bump minimist from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6
2022-01-08  Greg Hurrellchore: update prettier 2.5.0 → 2.5.1
2022-01-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: update "Programming Languages" and "Tools"
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellrefactor: apply one more tweak to silence ajv
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: fix most of the new strict mode warnings produce...
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellfix: make JSON schema validation work again
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: update pdfkit 0.11.0 → 0.13.0
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: update ajv 6.12.2 → 8.8.2
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: update js-yaml 3.13.1 → 4.1.0
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: update Prettier 2.0.5 → 2.5.0
2021-11-25  Greg Hurrellchore: pin path-parse to 1.0.7
2021-06-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: update URLs
2021-06-13  Greg Hurrellfeat: teach scripts/publish about GitHub pages custom...
2021-06-10  Greg Hurrelldocs: use less generic job title
2021-05-06  Greg Hurrelldocs: leaving Liferay, joining GitHub
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrelldocs(README): use yarn, not npm
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrelldocs: add VimConf 2020 to list of publications
2020-08-05  Greg Hurrellchore: update residency details
2020-08-05  Greg Hurrellchore: make address more precise
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellstyle: format
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellchore: bump version
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellrefactor: attempt fix for unstable PDF identity
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellrefactor: remove unnecessary hack
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellchore: pin minimist to 1.2.5
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellchore: deduplicate yarn.lock
2020-05-17  Greg Hurrellchore: update dependencies
2020-05-17  Greg HurrellAdd link to "Scalable Frontend Development" talk
2019-04-30  Greg HurrellUse <link> tags instead of CSS imports
2019-04-30  Greg HurrellMake fonts a wee bit smaller to fit on one page
2019-04-30  Greg HurrellFormat more things with Prettier
2019-04-30  Greg HurrellLocalize "skills" items
2019-01-15  Greg HurrellAdd new position at Liferay
2018-12-03  Greg HurrellAdd legal status to profile section
2018-11-27  Greg HurrellAdd AWS to list of tools
2018-10-15  Greg HurrellConsistently denote ignored arguments with _foo form
2018-10-15  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary escape character
2018-10-15  Greg HurrellRemove unused seed() function
2018-10-14  Greg HurrellCorrect a code comment
2018-10-14  Greg HurrellMove progress printing down into main build loop
2018-10-14  Greg HurrellShorten main build list
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellRemove an unnecessary toString() call
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellRestore "Skills" section
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellReplace an inline comment with a docblock
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellMake object returned by `raw()` more String-like
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellAdd `html()` tagged template literal function
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellGet rid of a ternary for readability
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellFix comment syntax
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellUse tagged template literal function for escaping Markd...
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellUse "items" more uniformly in YAML source
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellDRY up handling of presence URLs and links a little bit
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellAdd internet profile and site links
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellFix mangled display in "Awards" section
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellAdd "Publications" section to extended output
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellREADME: Add links to expanded format
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellAllow empty sections
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellPrefer page breaks before headings
2018-10-13  Greg HurrellRemove manual "collapse" hack
2018-10-12  Greg HurrellMark "private" members in PDF class as private
2018-10-12  Greg HurrellAdd "full" output variants
2018-10-12  Greg HurrellPrint progress
2018-10-11  Greg HurrellRejig award word ordering
2018-10-11  Greg HurrellAdd some awards I had forgotten about
2018-10-04  Greg HurrellAdd missing </head> tag to HTML output
2018-10-04  Greg HurrellAdd favicon
2018-10-04  Greg HurrellRemove stray word from Spanish translation
2018-10-02  Greg Hurrellpublish: use short commit hashes in output
2018-10-02  Greg Hurrellpublish: warn if publishing an empty commit
2018-10-02  Greg Hurrellpublish: properly show empty commits
2018-10-02  Greg Hurrellgh-pages: note source commit hash probably* used to...
2018-10-02  Greg HurrellFinish Spanish translation
2018-09-18  Greg HurrellMake sure languages from cv.yml have precedence over...
2018-09-18  Greg HurrellValidate pii.yml against schema as well
2018-09-18  Greg HurrellPrepare to validate "PII" too
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellValidate input file using JSON Schema
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellPrettier
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellSome initial responsive design tweaks
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellMake sure PDFs don't change unless input changes
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellLock CreationDate, let ModDate float
2018-09-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: document `npm run publish` script
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellRemove debugging comment
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellAdd a default index page to gh-pages branch
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellWork around UTF-8 encoding issues in Markdown on gh...
2018-09-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add links to built output
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellAdd npm script for running publish command
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellAdd script for publishing to gh-pages branch
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellStyle HTML output to resemble PDF output
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellMake header() method non-destructive in all renderers
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellMake date() a top-level function to avoid redefining...
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellDrop capitalize() function
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellDRY up a ternary
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellUpdate README to note current output variants
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellFix unwanted visible commas in HTML output
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellSet lang attribute on html element
2018-09-17  Greg HurrellAdd HTML renderer
2018-09-16  Greg HurrellStrip off stray trailing comma in YAML file
2018-09-16  Greg HurrellAdd simplistic wrapping for plaintext output
2018-09-16  Greg HurrellUse a more literal method name (_heading -> _underline)
2018-09-16  Greg HurrellDRY up Plaintext underlining