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2022-06-20  Greg Hurrellchore: add .mailmap file main master
2022-06-20  Greg Hurrellfeat: don't sign autocommits
2021-07-16  Greg Hurrellrefactor: get rid of unnecessary `get_var()` function
2021-07-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix sample config
2021-07-16  Greg Hurrellfeat: support both Lua global and Vim global for Corpus...
2021-07-16  Greg Hurrellfeat: add `:Corpus!` and `g:CorpusBangCreation`
2021-06-12  Greg Hurrellchore: rename "master" → "main"
2021-06-01  Greg Hurrellfix: avoid E874
2021-01-15  Greg Hurrellfix: change default for g:CorpusPreviewWinhighlight
2020-11-15  Greg Hurrellfeat: add settings for controlling highlights
2020-10-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor: use terser access method for getting options
2020-10-13  Greg Hurrellfix: update listing and preview when there are no matches
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor: avoid repeated calls to preview()
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellperf: avoid unnecessary redraw
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellfix: handle edge cases when outside of Corpus directory
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellfix: make symlink resolution work again
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: replace static screenshot with demo gif
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: correct logo URL
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: add logo
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellfeat: filter autocompletion list outside of Corpus...
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor: get rid of unnecessary expression
2020-09-13  Greg Hurrellfix: make tab completion cycling work outside of Corpus...
2020-09-12  Greg Hurrellfeat: improve completion
2020-09-12  Greg Hurrelldocs: add some initial docs
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellfix: handle filenames split across I/O chunks
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellrefactor: inline cancel function
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellrefactor: drop unused pid binding
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellfeat: run listing and search as async jobs
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellfix: do nothing unless on Neovim
2020-09-11  Greg Hurrellfix: make padding work on wide screens
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: don't let people create files with untrimmed white...
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: restore cursor positioning
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellchore: port corpus#choose()
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellchore: add some TODO comments
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellperf: avoid eagerly loading Corpus
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: show selection on initial load/search
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: pad buffer with empty lines to extend foldcolumn
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: stop numbers from showing up in foldcolumn
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: make selection extend all the way across in choos...
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: use foldcolumn to make pane separation more obvious
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfix: make matching non-greedy anything
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: add highlighting of selected row
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellfeat: improve appearance by using `'winhl'`
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellrefactor: port preview_next and preview_previous to Lua
2020-09-10  Greg Hurrellrefactor: implement preview
2020-09-09  Greg Hurrellrefactor: start building out chooser window with Lua
2020-09-09  Greg Hurrellrefactor: replace some home-made stuff with Neovim...
2020-09-09  Greg Hurrellfeat: add util.list.push
2020-09-09  Greg Hurrellfeat: auto-init Git repo if needed
2020-09-08  Greg Hurrellfix: invert sense of smartcase check
2020-09-08  Greg Hurrellperf: lazy-load utility modules
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrellrefactor: prefer v:lua over luaeval
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrellfix: make sure Lua module loaded whenany autoloaded...
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrellrefactor: extract "util" functions
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrellfix: port and fix corpus#commit() to Lua
2020-09-07  Greg Hurrellrefactor: continue Lua port
2020-09-06  Greg Hurrellrefactor: start porting to Lua
2020-07-21  Greg Hurrellfeat: allow ".md" extension when creating new files
2020-07-20  Greg Hurrellchore: add standard Vim plug-in boilerplate
2020-07-20  Greg Hurrellchore: add license headers to individual files
2020-07-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: add LICENSE.md
2020-07-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: tweak README again for clarity
2020-07-19  Greg Hurrelldocs: update README to reflect current status
2020-07-19  Greg Hurrelldocs: bring README.md across from old "master" branch
2020-07-19  Greg Hurrellchore: ignore "media" worktree
2020-07-19  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'vim'
2020-06-11  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): make sure we autocommit changes to new... vim
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): scope command-line mappings more...
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: remove errant hyphen
2020-05-08  Greg Hurrelldocs: link to Vim-based Corpus screencast
2020-05-02  Greg Hurrellfix(vim): avoid error on /usr/bin/vim startup
2020-04-15  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): make it possible to create new files...
2020-04-14  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): actually detect backticks
2020-04-14  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): fix bad fence detection pattern
2020-04-14  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): remove errant logging
2020-04-14  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): abort link detection if you run into an...
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): remove unnecessary "repo" config
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): clean up a code comment
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): work around unexpected `git-grep -z` behavior
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): store labels case insensitively
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellstyle(corpus): fix code formatting
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): make sure preview redraws
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellperf(corpus): make synthetic preview window
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellperf(corpus): debounce previews
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): remove dead code
2020-04-13  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): work around for ftdetect not running on...
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): approach feature-completeness for initial...
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): preview when switching via c-j, c-k
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): prototype of typeahead search
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): make sure we actually get config when...
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellchore(corpus): give up on fancy search/navigation for now
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): lame attempt at making previewing...
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellrefactor(corpus): revisit preview windows etc
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfix(corpus): fix bad deletebufline() call
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): support visual mode
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): make <C-]> navigate to a link target...
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): partially sort link reference definitions
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): implement crude target transform
2020-04-12  Greg Hurrellfeat(corpus): get autolinking working
2020-04-10  Greg Hurrelltest(corpus): add some stub tests