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2022-12-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: add notes on release process main master
2022-12-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: start new section in HISTORY post-release
2022-12-16  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-b.1 release 6.0.0-b.1
2022-12-14  Greg Hurrellchore: freshen Gemfile.lock
2022-12-13  Greg Hurrellchore: update actions config to avoid deprecation warnings
2022-12-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY
2022-12-13  Greg Hurrellfix: avoid `invalid option '%-100' to 'format'` and...
2022-12-01  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/414'
2022-12-01  Greg Hurrelldocs: update AUTHORS and HISTORY sections
2022-12-01  codybuellfix: correct git scanner options location
2022-10-21  Greg Hurrelltest: add tests for `is_table()` and `is_list()`
2022-10-21  Greg Hurrelldoc: start new section in HISTORY post-release
2022-10-21  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-b.0 release 6.0.0-b.0
2022-10-21  Greg Hurrelldoc: flesh out installation instructions
2022-10-21  Greg Hurrellrefactor: improve config validation wincent/validation
2022-10-07  Greg Hurrellchore: avoid duplicate actions runs wincent/actions-dupes
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section wincent/list-finder
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellrefactor: reduce duplication in scanner benchmarks
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellperf: make scanner benchmarks work again
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellrefactor: use list/command finders/scanners
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellrefactor: rationalize option propagation
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellrefactor: pass in `open` via options
2022-09-18  Greg Hurrellfeat: add "list" finder
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrelldoc: remove reference to missing fallback from KNOWN...
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrelldocs: start new section in HISTORY post-release
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-a.4 release 6.0.0-a.4
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrelldocs: update README
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellfeat: show "fallback" in prompt title if, er, falling...
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellrefactor: rename {un,}stub_candidates to `{un,}stub`
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellfix: make watchman scanner work with path argument
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrellrefactor: DRY up fallback finders
2022-09-05  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/405'
2022-09-05  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2022-09-05  Andrea Cedrarofix: use the right git-ls flag for untracked
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellfeat: fail fast if bin/format encounters a problem
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellfeat: make bin/check-format return an exit status
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellfeat: add workflow to run Prettier in GitHub actions
2022-09-02  Greg Hurrellstyle: remove whitespace from CONTRIBUTING
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY post-release
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-a.3 release 6.0.0-a.3
2022-08-31  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'wincent/control-characters'
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrellfix: don't let control characters mess up the display
2022-08-31  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'wincent/fallbacks'
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrellfeat: implement fallback for some finders
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrellrefactor: hide stderr from Neovim
2022-08-31  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/401'
2022-08-31  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY and AUTHORS sections
2022-08-31  Andrea Cedrarodocs: update Lua mappings documentation
2022-08-30  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'wincent/fix-32-bit'
2022-08-30  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2022-08-30  Greg Hurrellfix: add missing `-D` prefixes when building on 32...
2022-08-30  Greg Hurrelldocs: start new heading for next release under HISTORY
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-a.2 release 6.0.0-a.2
2022-08-29  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'wincent/32-bit'
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellstyle: use uniform indents in Makefile
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellfix: use smaller memory allocation values on 32-bit...
2022-08-29  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'wincent/delete-words'
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY
2022-08-29  Greg Hurrellfeat: teach prompt window to delete words with `<C-w>`
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: add some more notes on testing with Vagrant
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix typo ("Watcman" -> "Watchman")
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: update HISTORY section
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellfix: fix rendering glitches due to interaction with...
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellfix: correct two more stale references to `test.sh`
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: prepare HISTORY section for subsequent development
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellfix: correct broken path in GitHub action
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore: prepare for 6.0.0-a.1 release 6.0.0-a.1
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: add back link to canonical upstream
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrelldocs: add some notes on release process to CONTRIBUTING.md
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellrefactor: get rid of Rake
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore: remove .release-notes.txt from .gitignore
2022-08-28  Greg Hurrellchore: add .vagrant and Vagrantfile to .gitignore
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrellrefactor: get rid of diagnostic message
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: add some notes on using Vagrant to create trouble...
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrellrefactor: "expose" `ui.open()` function
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrellfix: don't freak out when not passed a `finders` config
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: document `:CommandTRipgrep` and friends
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: remove reference to `g:CommandTSuppressRubyDeprec...
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrellfix: apply consistent prefix
2022-08-27  Greg Hurrelldocs: correct two small typos
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrellchore: remove empty .gitmodules file
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrellchore: remove unused config file
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrellrefactor: mostly clean out Rakefile
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrelltest: avoid another deprecation warning
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrelltest: avoid deprecation warnings
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrelldocs: prepare HISTORY section for subsequent development
2022-08-26  Greg Hurrelldocs: prep documentation for 6.0.0a release next 6.0.0-a.0
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellstyle: run clang-format in CI pu
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellstyle: set up clang-format
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellrefactor(lua): prefer `directory` over `dir` abbreviation
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrelldocs(lua): add some notes on Watchman scanner
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfix(lua): unbreak scanner benchmarks
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellrefactor(lua): log in DEBUG builds if `pclose()` fails
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfix(lua): fix scanner.c compile error
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellfeat(lua): add ability to configure arbitrary finders...
2022-07-30  Greg Hurrellrefactor(lua): add helpers for validating/fixing options