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2021-12-16  Greg Hurrellfix: update images that had missing arrows on them main master
2021-12-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: move media into media/ subdirectory
2021-12-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix dark/light images
2021-12-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: add dark-mode variant of example topology diagram
2021-12-16  Greg Hurrellchore: add media to .gitignore
2021-12-09  Greg Hurrellchore: update .mailmap
2021-12-09  Greg Hurrelldocs: improve formatting of email address link in Markdown
2021-11-22  Greg Hurrelldocs: add info on OSC-52
2021-08-13  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix missing whitespace in README.md
2021-07-22  Greg Hurrelldocs: add diagram showing example
2021-06-14  Greg Hurrellchore: move from "master" to "main"
2020-06-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: add another reference to vim-clipper
2020-06-20  Greg Hurrelldocs: add tip to use `-N` switch with `nc` if required
2020-06-16  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/21'
2020-06-16  Greg Hurrelldocs: update "Authors" and "History" sections
2020-06-16  Greg Hurrellrefactor: make log file directory on all platforms
2020-06-16  Danielfeat: automatically create the default log directory...
2020-04-06  Greg Hurrellstyle: format Markdown with Prettier
2020-04-06  Greg Hurrelldocs: fix linebreaks in "Authors" section of README
2018-12-18  Greg HurrellDocument use of socat
2018-10-04  Greg HurrellPrepare for v2.0.0 release 2.0.0
2018-10-04  Greg HurrellOverhaul flag/config handling to deal with empty values
2017-12-28  Greg HurrellPrepare for 1.0 release 1.0
2017-12-28  Greg HurrellAutomatically clean up stale socket files at startup
2017-11-17  Greg Hurrelldoc: make it clear that StreamLocalBindUnlink should...
2017-09-23  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/14'
2017-09-23  Greg Hurrelldoc: update AUTHORS section
2017-09-23  Paul Choifix readme typo
2017-08-25  Greg HurrellAdd note about use of 'TextYankPost' in vim-clipper
2017-06-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note changes in tmux post-v2.5
2017-06-09  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/12'
2017-06-09  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update "Authors" section
2017-06-09  Jannis HermannsLibrary/Logs instead of Library/Log in README
2017-05-29  Greg Hurrelldoc: Add troubleshooting tip about `nc -N`
2017-05-08  Greg Hurrelldoc: apply updates for compatibility with tmux 2.4
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellFix variable expansion in Makefile tag target 0.4.2
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellUpdate docs for 0.4.2 release
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellDon't do pass by reference
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellAdd a filter function to keep main body cleaner
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellImplement separate loop for determining `listenerCount`
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellBail if we failed to set up any listeners
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellReduce duplication of listener set-up
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellFold two loops together
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellRemove unnecessary anonymous goroutine
2017-04-15  Greg HurrellDon't listen on all interfaces
2016-12-14  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix typo in README
2016-12-14  Greg HurrellCreate socket with tighter permissions 0.4.1
2016-12-14  Greg Hurrelldoc: Note that Apple has reverted to pre-Yosemite behav...
2016-11-30  Greg Hurrelldoc: trim down description in README
2016-11-30  Greg Hurrellcontrib: Drop --address and --port from sample config
2016-11-30  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/4'
2016-11-30  Greg Hurrelldoc: Engage in word-smithery
2016-11-30  Greg Hurrelldoc: Fix Linux set-up instructions
2016-11-30  Greg HurrellMove Linux contrib files under contrib/linux
2016-11-30  Nelson Fernandezupdate linux service script
2016-11-30  Nelson Fernandezadd systemd script support for linux
2016-11-30  Greg HurrellMove Darwin contrib files into contrib/darwin
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellAdd .mailmap file
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellUpdate usage sample in docs
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellFix variable references in Makefile
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.4 release 0.4
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellAdd Git-powered version number at build time
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellDrop "shorthand" from usage
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellListen on IPv4 and IPv6 by default
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellFix broken HTML entity in README
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellMerge branch 'pull/3'
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellRename --args/-r to --flags/-f
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellAdd --executable and --args flags
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellRename ClipApp{,Args} to Executable,Args
2016-11-29  Greg Hurrelldoc: update for OS X -> macOS, and Linux support
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellTreat ClipAppArgs independently of ClipApp
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellHandle variable whitespace in ClipAppArgs
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellReformat some comments for consistency
2016-11-29  Greg HurrellKill an excess empty line in the Makefile
2016-11-29  Greg Hurrelldoc: Update "Authors" and "History" sections
2016-11-28  Nelson Fernandezadd support for linux clipboard
2016-06-04  Greg HurrellPrepare for 0.3 release 0.3
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellFix documentation issues discovered through proof-reading
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellUpdate docs with domain socket info
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellAdd real -h and --help flags
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellSplit plist files into two
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellComplain if given --port with UNIX domain socket -...
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellRejig settings handling to get desired precedence
2016-06-03  Greg HurrellMake option overrides a little more predictable
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellUpdate links in README
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellOptionally listen on a UNIX domain socket
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellCatch signals in order to perform exit cleanup
2016-06-02  Greg HurrellFuture-proof copyright year ranges
2015-07-18  Greg Hurrelldoc: Mention changes to execution context in Yosemite
2015-07-07  Wincent Colaiutadoc: Fix Markdown fail
2015-07-07  Wincent Colaiutadoc: Mention the vim-clipper plug-in
2015-07-07  Wincent ColaiutaRemove Donations section from README
2015-07-07  Wincent ColaiutaUpdate copyright headers and author information
2015-04-20  Wincent ColaiutaCrop logo
2015-04-20  Wincent ColaiutaAdd logo to README
2015-03-31  Wincent ColaiutaAdd "Reverse" Clipper section to README
2015-03-21  Wincent Colaiutadoc: Remove references to Gitorious
2014-02-10  Wincent ColaiutaAdd section about Mosh to the docs
2014-02-10  Wincent ColaiutaAdd a tip for the bold and lazy to the docs
2013-11-03  Wincent ColaiutaFix oversize heading