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Project Description Last Change
masochist.git Website infrastructure for... 71 min ago
wincent.git Dot-files 2 days ago
loupe.git Enhanced in-file search for Vim 3 days ago
cv.git Curriculum vitae 11 days ago
clipper.git Clipboard access for local... 2 weeks ago
docvim.git Documentation generator for... 6 weeks ago
vim-clipper.git Clipper integration for Vim 3 months ago
ferret.git Enhanced multi-file search... 4 months ago
base16-nvim.git base16 color schemes in Lua... 4 months ago
corpus.git A note-management application... 4 months ago
git-cipher.git Tools for storing encrypted... 4 months ago
vim-docvim.git Syntax highlighting for Docvim... 5 months ago
hextrapolate.git Number conversion tool 5 months ago
vcs-jump.git Jump to interesting places... 5 months ago
terminus.git Enhanced terminal integration... 5 months ago
replay.git Convenient re-run of last... 5 months ago
scalpel.git Fast within-file word replacem... 5 months ago
pinnacle.git Highlight group manipulation... 5 months ago
command-t.git Fast file navigation for VIM 5 months ago
next.git To-do application 6 months ago
wikitext.git Fast wikitext-to-HTML translator 11 months ago
secure-notes-exporter.git Export Secure Notes from the... 22 months ago
js.git Assorted JavaScript 2 years ago
dented.git Indenting and dedenting utilities 2 years ago
jost.git Just Jost (not Jest) 2 years ago
simple-debounce.git Simple debounce implementation... 2 years ago
unpack-content.git Extract header data and body... 2 years ago
buildtools.git Build scripts and configuratio... 3 years ago
WOPublic.git Common code used in all Wincen... 3 years ago
passage.git macOS keychain caching proxy 3 years ago
prefnerd.git Monitors changes to the OS... 4 years ago
null.git An empty value 4 years ago
conway.git Conway's Game of Life 5 years ago
synergy.git Lightweight iTunes controller... 5 years ago
wincent-on-rails.git Legacy Rails application that... 5 years ago
yak-layout.git Yak keyboard layout and optimizer 6 years ago
static-react-boilerplate.git Boilerplate for simple static... 6 years ago
minimal-npm-boilerplate.git Minimal boilerplate for creati... 6 years ago
walrat.git Ruby packrat parser generator 6 years ago
walrus.git Object-oriented templating... 7 years ago
wincent-strings-util.git Strings file localization... 7 years ago
mkdtemp.git Secure creation of temporary... 10 years ago
askpass.git Graphical password prompter 10 years ago
fusion-meta.git Plug-in management plug-in... 11 years ago
fusion-prefs.git Preferences plug-in for buildi... 11 years ago
fusion.git Pure plug-in architecture... 11 years ago
fusion-demo.git Demonstration app for Fusion... 11 years ago
fusion-updater.git Updater plug-in for building... 11 years ago
fusion-menu.git Menu plug-in for building... 11 years ago
fusion-help.git Help plug-in for building... 11 years ago
fusion-crash-reporter.git Crash reporter plug-in for... 11 years ago
fusion-base.git Base plug-in for building... 11 years ago
wincent-icon-util.git Custom folder icon utility 11 years ago
WOTest.git Objective-C unit testing framework 11 years ago
wopen3.git Open3 replacement 11 years ago
bansshee.git Anti-SSH-attack tool 12 years ago
WOHotKey.git Hot Key support for Cocoa... 12 years ago
WOBezel.git Bezels, splashes and HUDs... 12 years ago
login-tool.git Command-line tool for managing... 12 years ago
atosym.git dSYM-compatible replacement... 12 years ago
gdiff.git Mac OS X-native diff and patch... 14 years ago
WinSwitch.git Fast User Switching menu repla... 15 years ago