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Project Description Last Change
masochist.git Website infrastructure for... 4 hours ago
wincent.git Dot-files 31 hours ago
docvim.git Documentation generator for... 2 weeks ago
corpus.git A note-management application... 2 weeks ago
pinnacle.git Highlight group manipulation... 2 weeks ago
conway.git Conway's Game of Life 5 weeks ago
command-t.git Fast file navigation for VIM 6 weeks ago
vcs-jump.git Jump to interesting places... 7 weeks ago
walrat.git Ruby packrat parser generator 6 months ago
ferret.git Enhanced multi-file search... 9 months ago
git-cipher.git Tools for storing encrypted... 10 months ago
base16-nvim.git base16 color schemes in Lua... 12 months ago
cv.git Curriculum vitae 13 months ago
hextrapolate.git Number conversion tool 14 months ago
terminus.git Enhanced terminal integration... 20 months ago
wikitext.git Fast wikitext-to-HTML translator 20 months ago
clipper.git Clipboard access for local... 21 months ago
loupe.git Enhanced in-file search for Vim 21 months ago
vim-clipper.git Clipper integration for Vim 2 years ago
vim-docvim.git Syntax highlighting for Docvim... 2 years ago
replay.git Convenient re-run of last... 2 years ago
scalpel.git Fast within-file word replacem... 2 years ago
next.git To-do application 2 years ago
secure-notes-exporter.git Export Secure Notes from the... 3 years ago
js.git Assorted JavaScript 3 years ago
dented.git Indenting and dedenting utilities 4 years ago
jost.git Just Jost (not Jest) 4 years ago
simple-debounce.git Simple debounce implementation... 4 years ago
unpack-content.git Extract header data and body... 4 years ago
buildtools.git Build scripts and configuratio... 4 years ago
WOPublic.git Common code used in all Wincen... 4 years ago
passage.git macOS keychain caching proxy 5 years ago
prefnerd.git Monitors changes to the OS... 5 years ago
null.git An empty value 6 years ago
synergy.git Lightweight iTunes controller... 7 years ago
wincent-on-rails.git Legacy Rails application that... 7 years ago
yak-layout.git Yak keyboard layout and optimizer 7 years ago
static-react-boilerplate.git Boilerplate for simple static... 7 years ago
minimal-npm-boilerplate.git Minimal boilerplate for creati... 7 years ago
walrus.git Object-oriented templating... 8 years ago
wincent-strings-util.git Strings file localization... 9 years ago
mkdtemp.git Secure creation of temporary... 12 years ago
askpass.git Graphical password prompter 12 years ago
fusion-meta.git Plug-in management plug-in... 12 years ago
fusion-prefs.git Preferences plug-in for buildi... 12 years ago
fusion.git Pure plug-in architecture... 12 years ago
fusion-demo.git Demonstration app for Fusion... 12 years ago
fusion-updater.git Updater plug-in for building... 12 years ago
fusion-menu.git Menu plug-in for building... 12 years ago
fusion-help.git Help plug-in for building... 12 years ago
fusion-crash-reporter.git Crash reporter plug-in for... 12 years ago
fusion-base.git Base plug-in for building... 12 years ago
wincent-icon-util.git Custom folder icon utility 12 years ago
WOTest.git Objective-C unit testing framework 12 years ago
wopen3.git Open3 replacement 13 years ago
bansshee.git Anti-SSH-attack tool 13 years ago
WOHotKey.git Hot Key support for Cocoa... 14 years ago
WOBezel.git Bezels, splashes and HUDs... 14 years ago
login-tool.git Command-line tool for managing... 14 years ago
atosym.git dSYM-compatible replacement... 14 years ago
gdiff.git Mac OS X-native diff and patch... 15 years ago
WinSwitch.git Fast User Switching menu repla... 17 years ago